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AuthorKhader, M. M.
AuthorAl-Marri, Mohammed J.
AuthorKuti, Y. O.
AuthorKhraisheh, M.
AuthorGiannelis, E.P.
Available date2021-09-05T05:40:14Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameAdvanced Materials - TechConnect Briefs 2016
AbstractTwo CO2 solid sorbents based on polyethyleneimine, PEI (432 and 10k) impregnated into mesoporous silica (MPS) foam were synthesized and tested for CO2 capture. At ambient pressure, the amount of CO2 captured by these solid sorbents was less than the theoretical calculated from the stoichiometry. At higher pressures, the CO2 adsorption capacity increased following Langmuir adsorption isotherm relationship. When the MPS foam was treated with the non-ionic surfactant, Span 80, the CO2 adsorption capacity at ambient pressure was further increased. The CO2 adsorption was interpreted using the double exponential kinetic model.
SubjectAdsorption of CO2
SubjectDesorption of CO2
SubjectMesoporous silica and span 80
TitleKinetic and thermodynamic investigation of CO2 adsorption-desorption on polyethyleneimine - Mesoporous silica
TypeConference Paper
Volume Number2

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