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AuthorHassouna, Mohammed
AuthorBashier, Eihab
AuthorBarry, Bazara
Available date2021-09-07T06:16:15Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameInternational Journal of Network Security
AbstractThe main purpose of this paper is to provide a security proof for the certificateless digital signature scheme found in [Hassouna, Bashier, and Barry, A short certificateless digital signature scheme, International Conference of Digital Information Processing, Data Mining and Wireless Communications, 2015, pp. 120-127] in the random oracle model. Two types of attacks are considered: The first type can be carried out by an outsider attacker and referred to as Type I, whereas the second one can be carried out by a malicious KGC and referred to as Type II. The possible oracles for each of the two types of attacks are discussed, and hence, the security of the proposed digital signature scheme was proved in the random oracle model.
PublisherFemto Technique Co., Ltd.
SubjectCertificateless cryptography
Certificateless signature
Pairings in elliptic curves
Public-key replacement attack
TitleA strongly secure certificateless digital signature scheme in the random oracle model
Issue Number5
Volume Number18

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