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AuthorZhao, Tao
AuthorRen, Yuan
AuthorYang, Jianping
AuthorWang, Lianjun
AuthorJiang, Wan
AuthorElzatahry, Ahmed A.
AuthorAlghamdi, Abdulaziz
AuthorDeng, Yonghui
AuthorZhao, Dongyuan
AuthorLuo, Wei
Available date2021-09-08T06:49:46Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameJournal of Materials Chemistry A
AbstractIn this study, a 3-dimensional interconnected hierarchical ordered macro/mesoporous titania (HOPT) with thin walls, crystalline framework, large cavities (?420 nm), uniform mesopores (3.7 nm) and high surface area (177 m2 g-1) was synthesized through a facile bi-template interface-directed deposition method using poly(propylene oxide)-block-poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(propylene oxide) (Pluronic P123) triblock polymer as a soft template and structure directing agent, titanium isopropoxide (TIPO) as a titania source and 3-dimensional ordered macroporous carbon (3DOMC) as the hard template and the nanoreactor. This was followed with a two-step thermal treatment in nitrogen and air. Under simulated sunlight irradiation at room temperature, the HOPT shows an ultrahigh photocatalytic activity for the degradation of Rhodamine B (RhB) with a fast reaction rate that is three times higher than commercial titania nanoparticles (P25). 2016 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
SponsorThis work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51402049, 51422202, 51432004 and 51372041), the Shanghai committee of science and technology, China (No. 14ZR1400600), the programme of introducing talents of discipline to universities (No. 111-2-04), the fundamental research funds for the central universities (No. 2232015D3-06), the "Shu Guang" project (13SG02) of Shanghai municipal education commission, Qatar University grant # QUUG-CAS-DMST-1516-18, the National Youth Top-notch Talent Support Program in China. The authors extend their sincere appreciations to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Saud University for its funding this Prolific Research group (PRG-1437-32).
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
Polyethylene oxides
Titanium oxides
Deposition methods
Interconnected porous structure
Ordered macroporous
Photocatalytic activities
Simulated sunlight
Structure directing agents
Titania nano-particles
Titanium Isopropoxide
Titanium dioxide
TitleHierarchical ordered macro/mesoporous titania with a highly interconnected porous structure for efficient photocatalysis
Issue Number42
Volume Number4

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