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AuthorYavari, B.
AuthorSarami, S.
AuthorShahgaldi, S.
AuthorAthari, S. S.
AuthorSharma, A.
Available date2021-09-08T06:49:48Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameJournal of Food Quality and Hazards Control
AbstractIn recent decades, biotechnologists have striven to improve the quantity and quality of food supply. Producing genetically modified (GM) foods is one of the main goals and many countries all over the world have approved the distribution and consumption of the labeled GM foods in their own regions. However, there are still few groups having concerns about allergenicity of GM foods. This review highlights the pathways to ensure food safety of GM foods from view point of absence of allergens and also describes the risk assessment procedures, including bioinformatics assays, biochemical procedures, immunological assessments and animal models. According to present published database, there are few studies demonstrated that GM foods have some slight allergic effects. In this regard, the authors concluded that, at the present, producing GM foods in response to the enormous need of the universal population could be a good solution; yet assessing the allergenicity of these foods is an approach to ensure the highest safety of GM foods. On the other hand, considering important role of GM foods in decreasing hunger and achieving food security in the world, possible allergenicity of GM foods is preventable by strict regulation and extensive laboratory testing before distribution in local and global markets. Finally, according to literature review, it seems probably that there is no serious risk about allergenicity of GM foods produced and consumed until now in the world. 2016 Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences.
PublisherShahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences
Food safety
Genetically modified
TitleIf there is really a Notable Concern about allergenicity of genetically modified foods?
Issue Number1
Volume Number3

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