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AuthorChiha, Islam Ibrahim
Authorel-Shimy, Abdel Hafiz
Available date2021-09-16T05:36:32Z
Publication Date2021-07-12
Publication NameArab Law Quarterly
CitationChiha, I. I., & el-Shimy, A. H. (2021). Is It Possible to Overrule a Constitutional Precedent in the Egyptian Legal System?, Arab Law Quarterly (published online ahead of print 2021). doi:
AbstractThis article examines the constitutionality of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court’s (hereinafter SCC) authority to overrule its prior precedents. The authors argue, contrary to the assertions of the predominant conservative approach in Egypt, that bestowing the SCC with such an overruling power neither violates the Constitution nor undermines fundamental legal principles such as the principles of equality, legal certainty, or the justified expectations of litigants. Indeed, we make the argument that the Court’s ability to overrule its prior precedents seems to be the most conceivable and plausible way to correct the Court’s past mistakes or inaccuracies. We finally claim that endowing the court with such overruling power enhances the constitutional protection of fundamental rights and freedoms and strengthens the Court’s credibility not only via other public authorities, but also via public opinion.
SubjectConstitutional Law
Subjectconstitutional precedents
Subjectsupreme constitutional court
Subjectconstitutional precedents
Subjectoverruling precedents
SubjectEgyptian Law
TitleIs It Possible to Overrule a Constitutional Precedent in the Egyptian Legal System?
Volume Number35

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