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AuthorHossain, Mokter
AuthorCreek, Steven A.
Available date2021-10-10T10:09:26Z
Publication Date21-09-21
Publication NameCalifornia Management Review
CitationHossain, M. and Creek, S. (2021), Unveiling and Brightening the Dark Side of Crowdfunding, California Management Review
AbstractCrowdfunding is a promising way for individuals and start-ups to raise funding from a large number of people, using an online platform to turn their dreams into reality. It is an alternative to conventional options such as angel investors, venture capital, and banks for securing funding. No doubt, it has emerged as a blessing for business ventures, charitable causes, or personal needs [1]. Crowdfunding involves three main types of actors – founders, platforms, and funders. Founders initiate crowdfunding campaigns, platforms provide necessary support to connect founders and funders, whereas funders provide the funding.
PublisherUC Berkeley Haas School of Business
TitleUnveiling and Brightening the Dark Side of Crowdfunding

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