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    • Decomposition of a Special Type of Machines 

      Hassan, M. H. [محمد حسن حسن]; Mustafa, M. A. ( Qatar University , 1994 , Article)
      In this paper, the concept of a finite n-state cyclic machine An is defined. These machines are then completely characterized using the prime factorization of n. Specifically, it is proved that any finite-state cyclic machine
    • Decomposition Of The Set Of Conditionally Exponential Convex Functions 

      El Bab, A. S. Okb [احمد عقب الباب]; El-Shazli, M. S. ( Qatar University , 1993 , Article)
      The theory of C* -algebra is used to develop a connection between the local extreme points and the topology of the spectrum space G.
    • Dehydration of Ethanol over HF-treated Al2 O3 using the GC-column as Chemical Reactor 

      Ebeid, Fikry M. [فكري عبيد]; Alkaaby, Sherifa S. ( Qatar University , 1981 , Article)
      The effect of treating •y-alumina with hydrofluoric acid on the dehydration reaction of ethanol was investigated at 325°C. The gas chromatographic column was used as a chemical reactor. The rate of formation of ethylene ...
    • Delineation of charged deltaic rock genetic types in algyo-2 hydrocarbon reservoir, hungary; Based on log curve shapes 

      El Sayed, Abdel Moktader A. [عبد المقتدر عبد العزيز السيد] ( Qatar University , 1986 , Article)
      Most of the deltaic sandstone reservoirs exhibit complex lithofacies as well as petrophysical variations in both time and space. Facies analysis and reconstruction of facies patterns for the Algyo-2 reservoir rocks encountered ...
    • Demersal Fish Resources Around Qatar 

      Sivasubramaniam, K. [ك. سيفاسبرامانيام]; Ibrahim, Mohamed Amin ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The study was based on the data available from Fishery Resources Survey in the Gulf and Gulf of Oman, conducted by F.A.O., between 1975 and 1979 and the samplings of the fish production in Qatar during 1980/81. The survey ...
    • Density and diversity of the desert Arthropoda of Qatar 

      Abu Shama, F. T. [فيصل تاج الدين ابو شامة] ( Qatar University , 1997 , Article)
      Density and diversity of arthropods were studied at different habitats of the Qatari desert. Diurnal sampling was conducted at two seasons of the year, the end of the dry season, at the beginning of autumn (October) in ...
    • Design And Implementation Of A Microprocessor Controlled Digital Filter 

      Ahmed, K. M. [قدرية محمدعلى احمد]; Meged, M. Abdel ( Qatar University , 1991 , Article)
      The construction and implementation of a microprocessor controlled real time recursive digital filter have been given. The system designed could also be applied to a variable coefficients system such as ADAPTIVE FILTER and ...
    • Design and Performance Evaluation of a High Speed Transport Protocol 

      El Derini, M. N. [محمد نزيه الدويني]; Guirgis, R. M. ( Qatar University , 1994 , Article)
      Transport protocols that were designed for network today are not adequate for high speed networks of the future due to the increase in network bandwidth relative to the speeds of the processor components. As a result, 100 ...
    • Detection Of Small Amounts Of Lard In Other Animal Fats 

      Abou-Hadeed, A. M. F.; Kotb, A. R.; أبو حديد, أشرف محمد فريد; قطب, أحمد رمزي ( Qatar University , 1993 , Article)
      The composition of fatty acids at the b-position (B-FA) and a, a' -positions of the. triacylglycerol was used to establish new criteria for the detection of small amounts of lard in other fats. Determination of P-FA was ...
    • Developmental anatomy of the central nervous system of the cotton leaf worm, spodoptera littoralis boisd. 

      El Banhawy, M. A [محمود احمد البنهاوي]; Anwar, I. M. ( Qatar University , 1983 , Article)
      The central nervous system, C. N. S., of the cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis (B.) develops from a median row of embryonic neuroblasts which divide repeatedly to form a double ganglionic chain. The two chains fuse ...
    • Diagenesis of the middle eocene "nummulite bank" of The giza pyramids plateau, Egypt: petrologic and 18o/16o evidence 

      Holail, Hanafy [حنفي محمود هليل] ( Qatar University , 1994 , Article)
      The Middle Eocene "nummulite bank" of the Giza Pyramids Plateau has been extensively altered diagenetically. The result of a study involving petrography, cathodoluminescence, and 18O/160 and 13C/12C data, provide information ...
    • Diagenetic Trends In The Pleistocene Calcareous Ridges, Mersa Matruh Area, Egypt 

      Holail, Hanafy [حنفي محمود هليل] ( Qatar University , 1993 , Article)
      Ooids are a major constituent of the Pleistocene carbonates along the northwestern coastal ridges of Egypt. For a detailed diagenetic study of the rocks, the Mersa Matruh area was selected. Petrographic examination shows ...
    • Diagonalizable Indefinite Integral Quadratic Forms 

      Rashid, Laila E. M. [ليلى رشيد] ( Qatar University , 1991 , Article)
      This paper deals with some special cases on Hasse's principle about the diagonalization of Z-lattices L of indefinite regular guadratic forms over Q. It is asserted that for some specific values of a certain set D of ...
    • Diffuse Phase Transition In Non-Stoichiometric LiRbSO4 Crystals 

      Al Houty, L.; Kassem, M. E.; El-Muraikhi, M.; Mohammad, A. A. ( Qatar University , 1992 , Article)
      The influence of changing the ratio of Li2S04 on the structure transition of (RbxLi1-x)2S04 , LRS crystals, where x ranged from 0.1 to 0. 7, was studied by thermal analysis techniques in the temperature range 300 - 600 K. ...
    • Diffusion Problems Arising In Mathematical Biology 2 

      Abu Al Rub, Marwan S.; أبو الرب, مروان سعيد ( Qatar University , 1996 , Article)
      In this paper we consider long range diffusion, examine the local behavior of epidemics in Lp'q. In section 1 of chapter 2 we develop a model, the long range diffusion pressure in planktonic patchiness and then in secion ...
    • Dinoflagellate Cysts and Miospores from the Albian - Cenomanian Sequence of the Qarun 2 - 1 Borehole, Western Desert, Egypt 

      El Beialy, Salah Y. M. [صلاح يوسف البيلي] ( Qatar University , 1993 , Article)
      Rich distinctive dinoflagellate cyst assemblages together with significant numbers of miospores were recovered from seven cuttings samples in the Qarun 2 - 1 borehole between 2718 - 2854 m. This association represents a ? ...
    • Direct Electrochemical Synthesis of Mono, Bi And Polynuclear Complexes of Some Hydrazide and Hydrazone Derivatives 

      El Asmy, A. A. [احمد فوزي عبد الحميد العصمي]; Amin, R. R.; Al-Ansi, T. Y.; El-Shahat, M. F. ( Qatar University , 2000 , Article)
      Transition metal complexes of mono-, di- and tetrahydrazides and their hydrazones have been prepared by electrochemical techniques using the metal as a sacrifical anode. The electrochemical oxidation of Co, Ni and Cu in ...
    • Discrimination of Coastal Sediments around Qatar Peninsula, Using Remote Sensing Techniques 

      Sadiq, A. Ali. M. [عبد العلي محمد صادق]; El-Kassas, Ibrahim A. ( Qatar University , 1999 , Article)
      This paper aims at demonstrating the usedfulness of remote sensing techniques in identifying various types of coastal sediments around Qatar Peninusla. In this respect, Landsat-Thematic mapper (TM) multispectral data provide ...
    • Disign and Implementation of a System for Visual Programming 

      Maghrabi, Saud M.A. [سعود محمد عبد الله مغربي] ( Qatar University , 1999 , Article)
      The aim of the project of this paper is to design and implement a system for visual programming, based on data flow graphs. Data flow is applicative and based on transformations on data flowing through a graph. The system ...
    • Distribution And Mineralogy Of The Clay Deposits In Saudi Arabia 

      Al Mohandis, Ahmed A. [احمد عبد القادر المهندس] ( Qatar University , 1993 , Article)
      The main goal of this paper is to characterize the mineral clay deposits in Saudi Arabia; especially their mineral composition, deposit size, geological setting and possible uses. Different published reports and papers on ...