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AuthorGanji, Vijay
AuthorElObeid, Tahra
AuthorShi, Zumin
AuthorBawadi, Hiba
AuthorKerkadi, Abdelhamid
AuthorMoussa, Noor
AuthorAli, Hoda
AuthorSobeih, Alshaimaa
Available date2022-03-01T06:14:18Z
Publication Date2022-02-25
Publication NameBritish Food Journal
CitationGanji, V., ElObeid, T., Shi, Z., Bawadi, H., Kerkadi, A., Moussa, N., Ali, H. and Sobeih, A. (2022), "Agreement level of vitamin D intake between food frequency questionnaire and 24-h food recall in young Qatari women", British Food Journal, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
AbstractPurpose – Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency among young Qatari women is ∼85%. The purpose of the study was to develop a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) and to assess the degree of agreement between food vitamin D intakes derived from FFQ and 24-h food recall (24HFR) in young Qatari women. Design/methodology/approach – A vitamin D-centric, 40-item FFQ was developed based on foods consumed in Qatar. In total, 36 Qatari women provided food intakes using FFQ and 24HFR. Vitamin D contents of foods reported in FFQ and 24HFR were computed. Spearman rank correlation was used to evaluate the relation between vitamin D intakes of FFQ and 24HFR. Bland–Altman (BA) plot and quartile comparisons were performed to determine the degree of agreement between food intakes of FFQ and 24HFR. Findings – Median intakes of vitamin D from FFQ were significantly higher compared to the vitamin D content from 24HFR (213 IU vs 126 IU; p < 0.008). Vitamin D intakes were lower with 24HFR when compared with the intakes of FFQ. There was no significant relationship between food vitamin D intake from FFQ and 24HFR (Spearman rho 5 0.16; p < 0.35). In cross classification, ∼64% were assigned to the same or adjacent quartiles. As per BA plot, more than 95% food intakes were within the limits of agreement (LOA) (BA index, 2.8%). Originality/value – There was a moderate agreement between vitamin D intakes and FFQ and 24HFR. 24HFR should be used with caution in assessing the habitual food vitamin D intake because of limited sources of the vitamer in Qatari cuisine. The FFQ is suitable for estimating the food vitamin D intake in young Qatari women.
Subject24-h food recall
Bland–Altman test
Food frequency questionnaire
Vitamin D
TitleAgreement level of vitamin D intake between food frequency questionnaire and 24-h food recall in young Qatari women
dc.accessType Abstract Only

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