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AuthorButt M.M.
AuthorAnwar A.H.
AuthorMohamed A.
AuthorEl Batt T.
Available date2022-04-21T08:58:32Z
Publication Date2014
Publication Name2014 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems, ISWCS 2014 - Proceedings
AbstractWe study the performance of a cognitive system modeled by one secondary and one primary link and operating under statistical quality of service (QoS) delay constraints. We analyze the effective capacity (EC) to quantify the secondary user (SU) performance under delay constraints. The SU intends to maximize the benefit of the feedback messages on the primary link to reduce SU interference for primary user (PU) and makes opportunistic use of the channel to transmit his packets. We assume that SU has erroneous access to feedback information of PU. We propose a three power level scheme and study the tradeoff between degradation in EC of SU and reliability of PU defined as the success rate of the transmitted packets. Our analysis shows that increase in error in feedback access causes more interference to PU and packet success rate decreases correspondingly. 2014 IEEE.
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
SubjectCognitive radio
Cognitive systems
Radio links
Delay constraints
Effective capacity
Feed back information
Feedback messages
Power levels
Primary users
Secondary user
Statistical quality of service
Quality of service
TitleEffective capacity of cognitive radio links: Accessing primary feedback erroneously
TypeConference Paper

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