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AuthorSingh R.
AuthorAhmed R.
AuthorKarami H.
AuthorNasser M.
AuthorHussein I.
Available date2022-04-25T10:59:43Z
Publication Date2021
Publication NameEnergies
AbstractThis study focuses on analyzing the turbulent flow of drilling fluid in inclined wells using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique. The analysis is performed considering an annulus with a fixed eccentricity of 90% and varying fluid properties, diameter ratio, and bed thickness to examine velocity profile, pressure loss, and overall wall and average bed shear stresses. CFD simulation results are compared with existing data for validation. The pressure loss predicted with CFD agrees with the data. After verification, predictions are used to establish a correlation that can be applied to compute bed shear stress. The established correlation mostly displays a discrepancy of up to 10% when compared with simulation data. The correlation can be used to optimize hole cleaning and manage downhole pressure.
SponsorFunding: The research was funded by The Qatar National Research Fund grant number [NPRP11S-1228-170140].
PublisherMDPI AG
SubjectDrilling fluids
Shear flow
Shear stress
Turbulent flow
Bed shear stresss
CFD simulations
Downhole pressure
Eccentric annuli
Fluid property
Power law fluid
Simulation data
Velocity profiles
Computational fluid dynamics
TitleCFD analysis of turbulent flow of power-law fluid in a partially blocked eccentric annulus
Issue Number3
Volume Number14

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