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Application of a systematic approach to evaluating psychometric properties of a cumulative exit-from-degree objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)  Sobh, Ahmed Hesham; Austin, Zubin; Izham M. I., Mohamed; Diab, Mohammad I.; Wilby, Kyle John2017Elsevier Inc.Article
Plant Extract Inhibits Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Induces Apoptosis via HER2 Inactivation and JNK Pathway in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Cells  Jabeen, Ayesha; Sharma, Anju; Gupta, Ishita; Kheraldine, Hadeel; Vranic, Semir; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Knowledge and perception about pharmacovigilance among pharmacy students of universities in Sana'a Yemen  Othman, Gamil Qasem; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Alshakka, Mohammed; Ansari, Mukhtar; Al-Qadasi, Farouk; ... more authors 2017Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic ResearchArticle
Characteristics and quality of adverse drug reaction reporting: a comparison of pharmacists with other healthcare providers at a multi-specialty hospital in Qatar  Alsalimy, Noor; Elkhalifa, Dana; Al Shammaa, Aya; Magdy, Mohamed; Awaisu, Ahmed2017Springer International PublishingArticle
Assessment of utilization pattern of fixed dose drug combinations in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare centers in Nepal: A cross-sectional study  Poudel, Arjun; Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham; Mishra, Pranaya; Palaian, Subish2017BioMed Central Ltd.Article
A survey of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy members' research involvement, and associated enablers and barriers.  Stewart, Derek; Paudyal, Vibhu; Cadogan, Cathal; Hazen, Ankie; Okuyan, Betul; ... more authors 2020SpringerArticle
A systematic review of pharmacist input to metabolic syndrome screening, management and prevention.  Al AdAwi, Rana Moustafa; Stewart, Derek; Ryan, Cristin; Tonna, Antonella Pia2020SpringerArticle Review
Does faculty development influence the quality of in-training evaluation reports in pharmacy?  Wilbur, Kerry2017BioMed Central Ltd.Article
Pharmacists' confidence when providing pharmaceutical care on anticoagulants, a multinational survey  Papastergiou, John; Kheir, Nadir; Ladova, Katerina; Rydant, Silas; De Rango, Fabio; ... more authors 2017Springer NetherlandsArticle
A Systematic Review of Instruments for the Assessment of Insomnia in Adults.  Ali, Raja Mahamade; Zolezzi, Monica; Awaisu, Ahmed2020Dove Medical PressArticle
Development and Evaluation of an Educational Program for Community Pharmacists on Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.  Zolezzi, Monica; Abdallah, Oraib; Sankaralingam, Sowndramalingam2020Dove Medical PressArticle
Healthcare practitioners’ views of their role in addressing the medical comorbidites of people with mental illness  Zolezzi, Monica; Abdulrhim, Sara; Isleem, Noor; Zahrah, Farah; Eltorki, Yassin2020Fortune JournalsArticle
The use of theory in the development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to improve antimicrobial prescribing: a systematic review.  Talkhan, Hend; Stewart, Derek; Mcintosh, Trudi; Ziglam, Hisham; Abdulrouf, Palli Valappila; ... more authors 2020Article
Future perspectives on nonmedical prescribing  Stewart, Derek; Jebara, Tesnime; Cunningham, Scott; Awaisu, Ahmed; Pallivalapila, Abdulrouf; ... more authors 2017SAGE Publications LtdArticle Review
East meets West: Working together in interprofessional education and practice  El-Awaisi, Alla; Barr, Hugh2017Elsevier IncArticle
Anticancer potential of sanguinarine for various human malignancies  Achkar, Iman W; Mraiche, Fatima; Mohammad, Ramzi M; Uddin, Shahab2017Future Medicine Ltd.Article Review
Perceptions of Yemeni physicians about interactions with medical representatives  Al-Areefi, Mahmoud A.; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham M.; Hassali, Mohamed Azmi A.; Alfadl, Abubakr A.2017Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
Evaluation of the Effect of Moringa peregrina Extract on Learning and Memory: Role of Oxidative Stress  Alzoubi, Karem H.; Rawashdeh, Nasab Q.; Khabour, Omar F.; El-Elimat, Tamam; Albataineh, Hanan; ... more authors 2017Springer New York LLCArticle
This House believes that considering the continuous quarantine and precautionary measures should be of a priority over lifting the restrictions to avoid the negative economic and social consequences  Baraka, Jawaher Z A; Toft, Egon; El-Awaisi, Alla; Abdul Rahim, Hanan; Alali, Feras; ... more authors 2020College of Medicine - Qatar UniversityVideo
COVID-19 Creating Opportunities from a Crisis for Pharmacy Students: Discussion From Around The Globe
Alternative Title: كوفيد-19 خلق الفرص من الأزمات لطلاب الصيدلة: نقاش من حول العالم

Al-Naimi, Hend; Mujtaba, Ghulam; Othman, Wafa; Kieley, Melissa; Jomha, Ismail; ... more authors 2020College of Pharmacy - Qatar UniversityArticle

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