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AuthorAlhazbi, Saleh
AuthorAlkhateeb, Moh'd
AuthorAbdi, Abdulla
AuthorJanahi, Ahmed
AuthorDaradkeh, Ghazi
Available date2015-06-25T10:23:04Z
Publication Date2012
Publication Name8th International Conference on Computing Technology and Information 2012
CitationAlhazbi, Saleh; Alkhateeb, Moh'd; Abdi, Abdulla; Janahi, Ahmed; Daradkeh, Ghazi, "Mobile application for diabetes control in Qatar," Computing Technology and Information Management (ICCM), 2012 8th International Conference on , vol.2, no., pp.763-766, 24-26 April 2012
AbstractIn Qatar, the prevalence of diabetes is significantly high, therefore a lot of efforts have been made to control this epidemic. This paper presents a mobile application aims to assist diabetic people in Qatar to manage such chronic disease through glucose monitoring and diet management. Besides helping patients to log their data of glucose level and transmit them wirelessly to health care centers, more importantly, the application supports patients to manage their food consumption by providing them with advice about food items and their appropriateness to their personal conditions. The application utilizes concept of ontology to represent Qatari food items and their nutrition.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund UREP09-040-1-011
RelationComputing Technology and Information Management (ICCM), 2012 8th International Conference on (Volume 1)
SubjectApplication software--Development
TitleMobile Application for Diabetes Control in Qatar

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