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AuthorBhosale, Rahul
AuthorKumar, Anand
AuthorAlmomani, Fares A.
AuthorDardor, Dareen
AuthorGharbia, Shahd
AuthorAli, Moustafa Hussein
AuthorFolady, Jamila
AuthorYousefi, Shiva
AuthorJilani, Mehak
AuthorAbuarja, Diana
AuthorAngre, Prajakta
Available date2022-09-15T07:08:01Z
Publication Date2015
Publication NameEmerging Technologies in Clean Energy for the 21st Century 2015 - Topical Conference at the 2015 AIChE Spring Meeting and 11th Global Congress on Process Safety
AbstractThis paper reports the thermodynamic analysis of solar H2 production via two-step thermochemical iron oxide - iron Sulfate (IO-IS) water splitting cycle. The first step belongs to the exothermic oxidation of FeO via SO2 and H2O producing FeSO4 and H2 and second step corresponds to the endothermic reduction of FeSO4 into FeO, SO2, and O2. The products, FeO and SO2 can be recycled to step 1 and hence, reutilized for the production of H2 via water splitting reaction. Thermodynamic equilibrium compositions of the thermal reduction and water splitting reactions were computed as a function of reaction temperatures. Second law thermodynamic analysis was performed to determine the absorption, Qsolar, Qreactor-net, Qre-radiation Qfeo-oxd and nycyle and nsolar respectively.
SponsorAcknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the Qatar University Internal Grants QUUG-CENG-CHE-13/14-4 and QUUG-CENG-CHE-14\15-10.
SubjectComputational thermodynamic modeling
Iron oxide - Iron sulfate cycle
Solar fuels
Water splitting
TitleSolar hydrogen production via thermochemical metal oxide - Metal sulfate water splitting cycle
TypeConference Paper

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