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AuthorBhosale, Rahul
AuthorMahajani, Vijaykumar
AuthorKumar, Anand
AuthorVan Den Broeke L.J.P.
AuthorGharbia, Shahd
AuthorJilani, Mehak
AuthorFolady, Jamila
AuthorDardor, Dareen
AuthorAbuarja, Diana
AuthorAljumily, Aeman
AuthorNemmour, Amira
AuthorAbo Mazid, Dalia
Available date2022-09-15T07:08:01Z
Publication Date2014
Publication NameInternational Congress on Energy 2014, ICE 2014 - Topical Conference at the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting
AbstractIn this study, K2CO3/KHCO3 as hydroxyl radical scavengers was mixed with aqueous EAE to form a new absorbing solvent i.e. EHRS solvent which will be used for the reactive absorption of CO2. Degradation of the EHRS solvent in presence of O2 (oxidative degradation) was examined by employing accelerated experimental conditions at 150°C. The physicochemical properties such as density, viscosity, and diffusivity and solubility of CO2 in EHRS solvent at various experimental conditions were estimated. Furthermore, kinetics of reactive absorption of CO2 in EHRS solvent was explored by using a stirred cell reactor using a fall in CO2 pressure technique.
Subjectglobal warming
Subjectfossil fuels
TitleCO2 capture from fossil fuel power plant flue gas using aqueous solution of renewably prepared alkanolamine
TypeConference Paper
Volume Number1

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