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TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
Development of executive functioning in school-age Tunisian children  Bellaj, Tarek; Salhi, Imen; Gall, Didier Le; Roy, Arnaud2016RoutledgeArticle
The effects of citizenship status on service utilization and general satisfaction with healthcare: a cross-cultural study  Azzali, Simona2017Article
On national flags and language tags: Effects of flag-language congruency in bilingual word recognition  Grainger, Jonathan; Declerck, Mathieu; Marzouki, Yousri2017Elsevier B.V.Article
False Memory in Adults With ADHD: A Comparison Between Subtypes and Normal Controls  Soliman, Abdrabo Moghazy; Elfar, Rania Mohamed2017SAGE Publications Inc.Article
Qatar as full island overnight: Psychological and social consequences of blockade as reflected in the social media  Alkaabi, Ibrahim; Soliman, Abdrabo2017University of AkronArticle
The Development of the Dementia Screening Battery-100: Instrument Presentation, Reliability, and Construct Validity  Bellaj, Tarek; Ben Jemaa, Sonia; Khelifa, Maher; Ben Djebara, Mona; Gouider, Riadh; ... more authors 2017S. Karger AGArticle
Tweet sentiment analysis with pronoun choice reveals online community dynamics in response to crisis events  Shaikh, Samira; Feldman, Laurie Beth; Barach, Eliza; Marzouki, Yousri2017Springer VerlagConference Paper
A disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer's disease: Focus on the trans-sulfuration pathway  Berry, Thomas; Abohamza, Eid; Moustafa, Ahmed A.2019De GruyterArticle
Perceptions of Women's Roles between Traditionalism and Modernity in Qatar  Al-Ghanim, Kaltham2019Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
The interactive effect of valence and context on reversal learning in individuals with Parkinson's disease  Levy-Gigi, Einat; Haim-Nachum, Shilat; Hall, Julie M.; Crousec , Jacob J.; Winwood-Smith, Robyn; ... more authors 2019Elsevier Ireland LtdArticle
Coping styles and symptomatic manifestation of first-episode psychosis: Focus on cognitive performance  Stramecki, Filip; Kotowicz, Kamila; Piotrowski, Patryk; Beszlej, Jan Aleksander; Rymaszewska, Joanna; ... more authors 2019Elsevier Ireland LtdArticle
Smell your memories: Positive effect of odor exposure on recent and remote autobiographical memories in Alzheimer's disease  Glachet O.; Moustafa A.A.; Gallouj K.; El Haj M.2019RoutledgeArticle
Computational investigation of mechanistic insights of Aβ42 interactions against extracellular domain of nAChRα7 in Alzheimer's disease  Hassan M.; Shahzadi S.; Raza H.; Abbasi M.A.; Alashwal H.; ... more authors 2019Taylor and Francis LtdArticle
Epigenetic mechanisms, trauma, and psychopathology: Targeting chromatin remodeling complexes  Bielawski T.; Misiak B.; Moustafa A.; Frydecka D.2019De GruyterArticle
Cognitive Theory of Mind Influences Destination Memory: Evidence from Normal Aging and Alzheimer's Disease  El Haj M.; Allain P.; Moustafa A.A.2019Oxford University PressArticle
The prevalence of ptsd and depression among Gaza children  Hamza E.G.A.; Elsantil Y.G.; Moustafa A.A.; Abdelhadi M.2019Gyandhara International Academic PublicationsArticle
Cross-country analysis of alternative five factor personality trait profiles  Kovi Z.; Aluja A.; Glicksohn J.; Blanch A.; Morizot J.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Corrigendum to " Adenosine role in brain functions: Pathophysiological influence on Parkinson's disease and other brain disorders "  Soliman A.M.; Fathalla A.M.; Moustafa A.A.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Development of the ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Database II  F?ldv?ry Li?ina V.; Cheung T.; Zhang H.; de Dear R.; Parkinson T.; ... more authors 2018Elsevier LtdArticle
The Perception of Spontaneous and Volitional Laughter Across 21 Societies  Bryant G.A.; Fessler D.M.T.; Fusaroli R.; Clint E.; Amir D.; ... more authors 2018SAGE Publications Inc.Article

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