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AuthorLambert, Louise
AuthorO'Hara, Lily
Available date2023-03-27T08:08:15Z
Publication Date2019-03-30
Publication NamePositive Psychology in the Middle East/North Africa: Research, Policy, and Practise
CitationLambert, L., O’Hara, L. (2019). “It Brings Out the Best”: Incorporating Positive Health into Health Promotion Initiatives from the UAE’s Physically Active. In: Lambert, L., Pasha-Zaidi, N. (eds) Positive Psychology in the Middle East/North Africa. Springer, Cham.
AbstractTraditional health promotion efforts focus on reducing factors that contribute to ill-health, such as sedentary behavior or smoking. Yet, this focus on negative or deficit behaviors overlooks those who engage in positive health activities and their reasons for doing so, as well as the positive health assets they gain as a result. Focusing on the absence of health promoting attitudes does little to shed light on why and how individuals successfully build states of good health and wellbeing. However, this information is useful for the development of health promotion initiatives. Consequently, this study investigates the experiences of ten physically active Emirati nationals and the psychosocial assets they have developed through their various activities. We also explore the relevancy of positive psychology and of positive health in particular, for health promotion efforts.
SubjectPositive Psychology in Gulf Region
Positive Psychology from a Cultural Perspective
Levels of Excellence in GCC Region
Islamic Identity and Well-being
Character Strengths in Higher Education
Culturally-responsive Positive Psychotherapy
Well-being and the Built Environment
Organizational Strategies Increasing Positivity
Positive Social Development
Title"It brings out the best": Incorporating positive health into health promotion initiatives from the UAE's physically active
TypeBook chapter
dc.identifier.eisbn 9783030139216

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