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AuthorElloumi, Samir
AuthorBoulifa, Bilel
AuthorJaoua, Ali
AuthorSaleh, Mohammad
AuthorAl Otaibi, Jameela
AuthorFrias, Marcelo F.
Available date2016-02-22T09:04:54Z
Publication Date2014-03
Publication NameJournal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming
CitationElloumi, S., Boulifa, B., Jaoua, A., Saleh, M., Al Otaibi, J., Frias, M.F. "Inference engine based on closure and join operators over Truth Table Binary Relations", (2014) Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, 83 (2), art. no. 395, pp. 180-193.
AbstractAbstract We propose a conceptual reasoning method for an inference engine. Starting from a knowledge base made of decision rules, we first map each rule to its corresponding Truth Table Binary Relation (TTBR), considered as a formal context. Objects in the domain of TTBR correspond to all possible rule interpretations (in terms of their truth value assignments), and elements in the range of TTBR correspond to the attributes. By using the 'natural join' operator in the 'ContextCombine' Algorithm, we combine all truth tables into a global relation which has the advantage of containing the complete knowledge of all deducible rules. By conceptual reasoning using closure operators, from the initial rules we obtain all possible conclusions with respect to the global relation. We may then check if expected goals are among these possible conclusions. We also provide an approximate solution for the exponential growth of the global relation, by proposing modular and cooperative conceptual reasoning. We finally present experimental results for two case studies and discuss the effectiveness of our approach.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund NPRP 04-1109-1-174.
PublisherElsevier Inc.
SubjectClosure operators
SubjectCooperative conceptual reasoning
SubjectFormal concept analysis
SubjectInference engine
SubjectRelation combining
SubjectTruth Table Binary Relation
TitleInference engine based on closure and join operators over Truth Table Binary Relations
Issue Number2
Volume Number83

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