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AuthorGhunaim, Haitham
AuthorAbu-Madi, Marwan Abdelhamid
AuthorKariyawasam, Subhashinie
Available date2016-02-22T09:04:54Z
Publication Date2014-08
Publication NameVeterinary Microbiology
CitationGhunaim, H., Abu-Madi, M.A., Kariyawasam, S. "Advances in vaccination against avian pathogenic Escherichia coli respiratory disease: Potentials and limitations", (2014) Veterinary Microbiology, 172 (1-2), pp. 13-22.
AbstractAvian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) is one of the most economically devastating pathogens affecting the poultry industry. This group of extra-intestinal E. coli causes a variety of clinical conditions including airsacculitis and cellulitis. The economic impact of APEC is mainly due to mortality, slower growth rates, and carcass downgrading. In commercial broiler operations, APEC infections are controlled indirectly by vaccination against other respiratory diseases and minimizing stress conditions, and directly by administration of antimicrobial agents to suppress the infection in already infected flocks. The fact that most APEC strains possess some common virulence factors suggests that an effective vaccine against APEC is a viable option. The most important virulence factors that have been investigated over the years include type I and P fimbriae, aerobactin iron-acquisition system, and serum resistance traits. Despite the potential for developing an efficacious vaccine to combat this economically important poultry disease, several obstacles hinder such efforts. Those obstacles include the cost, vaccine delivery method and timing of vaccination as the birds should be immune to APEC by 21 days of age. Herein, we review the various attempts to develop an effective vaccine against the respiratory form of APEC diseases in poultry. We also discuss in-depth the potentials and limitations of such vaccines.
SponsorNPRP grant number NPRP4 164-4-1 from the Qatar National Research Fund, a member of Qatar Foundation.
SubjectAntimicrobial resistance
SubjectAvian pathogenic E. coli (APEC)
TitleAdvances in vaccination against avian pathogenic Escherichia coli respiratory disease: Potentials and limitations
TypeArticle Review
Issue Number1
Volume Number172

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