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AuthorKlukova, L.
AuthorBertok, T.
AuthorKasak, P.
AuthorTkac, J.
Available date2016-02-28T12:50:46Z
Publication Date2014
Publication NameAnalytical Methods
CitationKlukova, L., Bertok, T., Kasak, P., Tkac, J., "Nanoscale-controlled architecture for the development of ultrasensitive lectin biosensors applicable in glycomics", (2014) Analytical Methods, 6 (14), pp. 4922-4931.
AbstractIn this mini-review the most advanced patterning protocols and transducing schemes for the development of ultrasensitive label-free and label-based lectin biosensors for the glycoprofiling of disease markers and some cancerous cells are described. The performance of such lectin biosensors with interfacial properties tuned to the nanoscale are critically compared to the most sensitive immunoassay format of analysis, and challenges for the future are discussed. In addition the key elements for further development of these devices are considered, with a view to improvement of their robustness and practical applicability.
SponsorAPVV 0282-11 and VEGA 2/0162/14 provided by the Slovak grant agencies. European Research Council (ERC Grant Agreement No. 311532) and from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP/2007�2013 with Grant Agreement No. 317420). NPRP grant 6-381-1-078 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of the Qatar Foundation).
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
SubjectCancerous cells
SubjectDisease markers
SubjectInterfacial property
SubjectKey elements
SubjectLabel free
SubjectNano scale
SubjectUltra sensitives
TitleNanoscale-controlled architecture for the development of ultrasensitive lectin biosensors applicable in glycomics
Issue Number14
Volume Number6

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