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AuthorAsseman, Antoine
AuthorAloraidi, Nada Ashqar
AuthorSalim, Mariam
AuthorRezk, Eman
AuthorDawoud, Heba
AuthorAlkhuzaei, Nasser Nasser
AuthorMecheter, Souad
AuthorRihan, Rana
AuthorBouras, Abdelaziz
Available date2016-03-09T14:00:53Z
Publication Date2014-05
Publication NameJournal of Modern Project Management
CitationASSEMAN, A., ALORAIDI, N., SALIM, M., REZK, E., DAWOUD, H., NASSER ALKHUZAEI, N., MECHETER, S., RIHAN, R., BOURAS, A.. "Software Project Management: Theory of Constraints, Risk Management, and Performance Evaluation", The Journal of Modern Project Management, North America, 2, may 2014.
AbstractConstraints and risks are two critical factors that affect software project performance; more attention needs to be paid to constraints and risks in order to improve performance. In this paper, investigation will take place to determine the relation between those three factors. An enhanced model has been proposed to describe how these factors affect each other. As an application, the performance is examined for both open and closed source software projects in terms of some constraints and risk factors. Moreover, solutions for controlling both constraints and risks are provided. For constraints, project activities scheduling is enhanced using a genetic algorithm. For risks, RISKIT is briefly explained as a risk management methodology.
PublisherMundo Press
SubjectSoftware Project Management
SubjectRisk Management
SubjectResource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP)
SubjectExploratory model
TitleSoftware project management: Theory of constraints, risk management, and performance evaluation
Paginationpp 9-21
Issue Number1
Volume Number2

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