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AuthorShiri, Daryoush
AuthorVerma, Amit
AuthorKhader, Mahmoud M.
Available date2016-03-09T14:00:55Z
Publication Date2014-04
Publication NameJournal of Applied Physics
CitationShiri, D., Verma, A., Khader, M.M. "Photoconductive response of strained silicon nanowires: A Monte Carlo study" (2014) Journal of Applied Physics, 115 (13), art. no. 133708, .
AbstractUsing Ensemble Monte Carlo simulations, the photocurrent in a 500 nm long strained [110] silicon nanowire with diameter of 3.1 nm is investigated. It was observed that a phototransistor based on this nanowire can have responsivities in the order of 21.3 mA/W for an input light wavelength of 532 nm and intensity of 0.25-2.5 kW/cm2. The super-unity slope of 1.2 in photo conductance versus input light intensity suggests that the nanowire has a photoconductive gain and highlights its advantage over germanium nanowires with sub-unity slope (0.77). The generated photocurrents are in the 0.1 nA-1 nA range. Density Functional Theory and Tight Binding methods were used for strain application and band structure calculation, respectively. Both longitudinal acoustic and optical phonons were included in the calculation of the carrier-phonon scattering events, which showed a two-order of magnitude stronger role for longitudinal optical phonons.
SponsorNPRP Grant No. 5-968-2-403 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation).
PublisherAIP Publishing LLC.
SubjectMonte Carlo methods
SubjectBand structure calculation
SubjectCarrier-phonon scattering
SubjectLongitudinal acoustic
SubjectLongitudinal optical phonons
SubjectPhotoconductive gains
SubjectPhotoconductive response
SubjectStrained silicon nanowires
SubjectTight binding methods
TitlePhotoconductive response of strained silicon nanowires: A Monte Carlo study
Issue Number13
Volume Number115

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