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AuthorAlshammari, Tamara
AuthorHamdaoui, Bechir
AuthorGuizani, Mohsen
AuthorRayes, Ammar
Available date2016-05-01T13:32:03Z
Publication Date2014
Publication Name2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2014
CitationT. AlShammari, B. Hamdaoui, M. Guizani and A. Rayes, "Overcoming user selfishness in DSA systems through credit-based resource allocation," 2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Sydney, NSW, 2014, pp. 318-323.
AbstractWe propose a credit-based resource allocation technique for wireless systems with dynamic spectrum access (DSA) capability, such as multichannel wireless sensor networks. The proposed technique is robust against selfish and malicious behaviors by achieving high performance independently of what users choose to pursue as their objectives. It also improves fairness by ensuring that different users are allocated equal amounts of spectrum service. Using simulations, we show that the proposed credit-based technique allows users to achieve high rewards/service even in the presence of misbehaved users that choose to pursue their greedy and selfish goals. We also show that it reduces the standard deviation of users' amounts of received service drastically, and hence, improves fairness among users substantially.
Subjectradio spectrum management
Subjectresource allocation
Subjectwireless sensor networks
TitleOvercoming user selfishness in DSA systems through credit-based resource allocation
TypeConference Paper

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