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AuthorRabbani, M. Golam
AuthorVerma, Amit
AuthorAdachi, Michael M.
AuthorSundararajan, Jency P.
AuthorKhader, Mahmoud M.
AuthorNekovei, Reza
AuthorAnantram, M.P.
Available date2016-06-12T10:03:45Z
Publication Date2014-11
Publication NameSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
CitationGolam Rabbani, M., Verma, A., Adachi, M.M., Sundararajan, J.P., Khader, M.M., Nekovei, R., Anantram, M.P. "Modeling of dual-metal Schottky contacts based silicon micro and nano wire solar cells" (2014) Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 130, pp. 456-465.
AbstractWe study solar cell properties of single silicon wires connected at their ends to two dissimilar metals of different work functions. Effects of wire dimensions, the work functions of the metals, and minority carrier lifetimes on short circuit current as well as open circuit voltage are studied. The most efficient photovoltaic behavior is found to occur when one metal makes a Schottky contact with the wire, and the other makes an Ohmic contact. As wire length increases, both short circuit current and open circuit voltage increase before saturation occurs. Depending on the work function difference between the metals and the wire dimensions, the saturation length increases by approximately an order of magnitude with a two order magnitude increase in minority carrier length. However current per surface area exposed to light is found to decrease rapidly with increase in length. The use of a multi-contact interdigitated design for long wires is investigated to increase the photovoltaic response of the devices.
SponsorNational Science Foundation under Grant no. 1001174. QNRF grant (NPRP 5-968-2-403). University of Washington.
PublisherElsevier B.V.
SubjectDiffusion length
SubjectInterdigitated solar cell
SubjectSchottky contact
SubjectSilicon nanowire
SubjectWork function
TitleModeling of dual-metal Schottky contacts based silicon micro and nano wire solar cells
Volume Number130

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