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AuthorDiop, Abdoulaye
AuthorTessler, Mark
AuthorTrung Le, Kien
AuthorAl-Emadi, Darwish
AuthorHowell, David
Available date2016-06-28T13:33:08Z
Publication Date2012-12
Publication NameJournal of Arabian Studies
Citation"Attitudes Towards Migrant Workers in the GCC: Evidence from Qatar" , 2012, Diop, A. Tessler, M. Trung Le, Kien. Al-Emadi, Darwish. Howell, David. , Vol. 2 , No. 2 , p.p. 173-187
ISSN2153-4764 (Print)
ISSN2153-4780 (Online)
AbstractWith the majority of Qatar’s total population made up of foreigners (high-skilled and low-skilled migrant workers), Qatari nationals may feel that there are significant challenges for their society; despite the absence of employment competition, this may lead many Qataris to see problems as well as benefits in the presence of these migrant workers in their country. Using a split-sample technique, Qataris’ attitudes towards these foreigners were assessed. Results suggest that Qataris displayed a stronger positive attitude towards the high-skilled workers, but the difference was much smaller than that found in other societies. This may be attributed to Qataris’ dependence on low-skilled migrants. However, even with the acknowledgement of Qatar’s dependence on these workers, it is still a relatively rare phenomenon in the modern context.
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)
Subjectattitudes towards immigrants
SubjectGCC countries
Subjectpublic opinion surveys
TitleAttitudes Towards Migrant Workers in the GCC: Evidence from Qatar
Issue Number2
Volume Number2

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