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AuthorAbdella, Galal M.
AuthorKim, Jinho
AuthorAl-Khalifa, Khalifa N.
AuthorHamouda, Abdel Magid
Available date2016-12-22T07:08:02Z
Publication Date2016-12
Publication NameQuality and Reliability Engineering Internationalen_US
CitationAbdella, G. M., Kim, J., Al-Khalifa, K. N., and Hamouda, A. M. (2016) "Double EWMA-Based Polynomial Quality Profiles Monitoring." Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Special Issue: INFORMS 2015 Annual Meeting, vol 32, issue 8: 2639–2652.
AbstractProfile monitoring is useful whenever the quality is described by a relationship between a response and one or more of explanatory variables. It is conventional to refer to this relationship as Quality Profile. Despite the fact that there are numerous examples of the polynomial quality profiles in industrial practice, only few Phase II techniques are available in literature for monitoring these profiles. However, to promote this research context, we extend the applications of the double exponentially weighted moving average (dEWMA) statistic to include phase II of the Mth polynomial quality profiles. Some of existing methods have been modified in order to capture the nature of the dEWMA statistic under the polynomial profile monitoring. Their detection accuracy measured by the average run length performance is evaluated. To expand our comparison, the average run length performance of the multivariate cumulative sum and T2 are also subjected to evaluation as well. The comparative simulations showed the superior performance of the dEWMA-based charting techniques in detecting changes in the parameters of the polynomial quality profiles.
SponsorThis publication was made possible by NPRP award NPRP 5-364-2-142 and no. NPRP 7-1040-2-393 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation).
Subjectaverage run length (ARL)
Subjectdouble exponentially weighted moving average (dEWMA)
Subjectphase II polynomial profiles
Subjectstatistical process control (SPC)
TitleDouble EWMA-Based Polynomial Quality Profiles Monitoring
TypeConference Paper
Issue Number8
Volume Number32
dc.identifier.essn 1099-1638

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