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AuthorTurkoz, Mehmet
AuthorKim, Sangahn
AuthorJeong, Young-Seon
AuthorAl-Khalifa, Khalifa N.
AuthorHamouda, Abdel Magid
Available date2016-12-22T07:56:54Z
Publication Date2016-12
Publication NameQuality and Reliability Engineering Internationalen_US
CitationTurkoz, M., Kim, S., Jeong, Y. -S., Al-Khalifa, K. N., and Hamouda, A. M. (2016) "Distribution-Free Adaptive Step-Down Procedure for Fault Identification." Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Speacial Issue: INFORMS 2015 Annual Meeting, vol 32, issue 8: 2701–2716.
AbstractIdentifying the faulty variables of the out-of-control signal in high-dimensional process is an important problem for quality control areas. Even though there have been several procedures for fault variable identifications, most of the existing approaches assume the multivariate normal distribution of observations and are sensitive to the correlations between variables. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a new fault variable identification method that does not assume any specific distribution of observations. The proposed procedure based on one class classification method identifies the changed variables by identifying unchanged variables at each step using the information obtained from the previous steps. This strategy can reduce computational times when a few variables are changed in a high-dimensional process. In addition, the proposed procedure is robust to the correlations between variables, resulting in stable performance regardless of the number of changed variables. The experiment results with diverse dataset demonstrate superiority of the proposed distribution-free procedure.
SponsorPart of this work was supported by NPRP grants No.5-364-2-142, No.7-1040-2-393 from the Qatar National Research Fund and NRF-2015R1C1A1A01051487 from the National Research Foundation of Korea.
Subjectfault variable identification
Subjectmultivariate statistical process control
Subjectsupport vector data description
SubjectData description
SubjectProcess control
TitleDistribution-Free Adaptive Step-Down Procedure for Fault Identification
TypeConference Paper
Issue Number8
Volume Number32

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