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AuthorNjinkoue, J.M.
AuthorBarnathan, G.
AuthorAl Muftah, A.R.
AuthorAl Easa, H.
AuthorVacelet, J.
AuthorKornprobst, J.M.
Available date2017-02-12T11:24:56Z
Publication Date1998-11
Publication NameMarine Lipids
CitationNjinkoue, J.M.; Barnathan, G.; Al Muftah, A.R.; Al Easa, H.; Vacelet, J.; Kornprobst, J.M "Phospholipid fatty acid composition of nine marine sponges from Qatar" Marine lipids. Proceedings of the symposium held in Brest, France, 19-20 November 1998 pp. 75-77
AbstractPhospholipid fatty acid composition was studied in sponge from Qatar including eight Demospongia and one Calcarea. More than 60 fatty acids were identified in each species as methyl esters and N-acyl pyrrolidides by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Twenty-two typical Delta-5,9 fatty acids were identified (C16 to C28), including two brominated acids. An unusual level (68%) of Delta-5,9 fatty acids was found in Dysidea sp. A new fatty acid was identified, namely 14-methyl-5,9-heptadecadienoic acid. Six unusual C18 and C20 acids were identified with the Delta-5,9, Delta-6,11 and Delta-7,13 unsaturations.
SponsorThe French Foreign Ministry.
SubjectPhospholipid fatty acid
TitlePhospholipid fatty acid composition of nine marine sponges from Qatar
TypeConference Paper

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