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Authorيوسف علي, أحمد
Available date2017-02-13T10:58:06Z
Publication Date2016
Publication Nameمجلة الخطابen_US
Citation"البلاغة العربية بين الموت والإحياء" ، أحمد يوسف علي ، مجلة الخطاب، العدد 21، صفحة 87 - 110
Abstractالبحث يناقش موقف البلاغة العربية من العلوم اللغوية والبلاغية المعاصرة
Publisherمخبر تحليل الخطاب-جامعة مولود معمري
Subjectالعلوم اللغوية
Subjectعلوم اللسانيات
Subjectالنصوص العليا
Titleالبلاغة العربية بين الموت والإحياء
Volume Number21
Alternative AbstractIncreased contact with science discourse analysis and fascination with the achievements of this science, I think a team of researchers - in our Arab countries - Arab rhetoric that has become a historical note such as archaeological discoveries that have no place except in museums that people visit to see the orbits of history in the life of nations. And kept this team mourns the Arabic rhetoric rigid what he thinks and what he says was martyred on the task of a ring of rings the history of Arab rhetoric and eloquence of this episode is Alskaki. The strange thing is that they have read Alskaki traditional reading in order to achieve their goal to prove the death of Arab rhetoric and who prophetedrenewal, communication and democracy of reading to another known their vocabulary

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