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AuthorHafez, Ahmed M.
AuthorZedan, Abdallah F.
AuthorAlQaradawi, Siham Y.
AuthorSalem, Noha M.
AuthorAllam, Nageh K.
Available date2017-02-21T11:08:39Z
Publication Date2016-08-15
Publication NameEnergy Conversion and Managementen_US
CitationHafez, A. M., Zedan, A. F., AlQaradawi, S. Y., Salem, N. M. and Allam, N. K. (2016) “Computational study on oxynitride perovskites for CO2 photoreduction” Energy Conversion and Management, vol.122, pp. 207–214
AbstractThe photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into chemical fuels is an attractive route for recycling this greenhouse gas. However, the large scale application of such approach is limited by the low selectivity and activity of the currently used photocatalysts. Using first principles calculations, we report on the selection of optimum oxynitride perovskites as photocatalysts for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction. The results revealed six perovskites that perfectly straddle the carbon dioxide redox potential; namely, BaTaO2N, SrTaO2N, CaTaO2N, LaTiO2N, BaNbO2N, and SrNbO2N. The electronic structure and the effective mass of the selected candidates are discussed in details, the partial and total density of states illustrated the orbital hybridization and the contribution of each element in the valence and conduction band minima. The effect of cation size in the ABO2N perovskites on the band gap is investigated and discussed. The optical properties of the selected perovskites are calculated to account for their photoactivity. Moreover, the effect of W doping on improving the selectivity of perovskites toward specific hydrocarbon product (methane) is discussed in details. This study reveals the promising optical and structural properties of oxynitride perovskite candidates for CO2 photoreduction.
SponsorNPRP Grant no. NPRP 6-351-1-072 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation).
PublisherElsevier Ltd.
SubjectCarbon dioxide
SubjectEffective mass
TitleComputational study on oxynitride perovskites for CO2 photoreduction
Volume Number122

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