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AuthorSands, William A.
AuthorKavanaugh, Ashley A.
AuthorMurray, Steven R.
AuthorMcNeal, Jeni R.
AuthorJemni, Monèm
Available date2017-02-22T10:44:03Z
Publication Date2016-12
Publication NameInternational Journal of Sports Physiology and Performanceen_US
CitationWilliam A. Sands, Ashley A. Kavanaugh, Steven R. Murray, Jeni R. McNeal, Monèm Jemni "Modern Techniques and Technologies Applied to Training and Performance Monitoring" International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (2016)
AbstractAthlete preparation and performance continues to increase in complexity and costs. Modern coaches are shifting from reliance on personal memory, experience, and opinion to evidence from collected training load data. Training load monitoring may hold vital information for developing systems of monitoring that follow the training process with such precision that both performance prediction and day-to-day management of training become an adjunct to preparation and performance. Time series data collection and analyses in sport are still in their infancy with considerable efforts being applied in "big-data" analytics and models of the appropriate variables to monitor and methods for doing so. Training monitoring has already garnered important applications, but lacks a theoretical framework from which to develop further. As such, we propose a framework involving the following: analyses of individuals, trend analyses, rules-based analysis, and statistical process control.
PublisherHuman Kinetics
TitleModern techniques and technologies applied to training and performance monitoring
dc.identifier.essn 1555-0273

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