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AuthorSellami, Maha
AuthorBragazzi, Nicola L.
Available date2024-05-05T08:58:58Z
Publication Date2020
Publication NameNutrients
AbstractProper nutrition plays a major role in preventing diseases and, therefore, nutritional interventions constitute crucial strategies in the field of Public Health. Nutrigenomics and nutriproteomics are arising from the integration of nutritional, genomics and proteomics specialties in the era of postgenomics medicine. In particular, nutrigenomics and nutriproteomics focus on the interaction between nutrients and the human genome and proteome, respectively, providing insights into the role of diet in carcinogenesis. Further omics disciplines, like metabonomics, interactomics and microbiomics, are expected to provide a better understanding of nutrition and its underlying factors. These fields represent an unprecedented opportunity for the development of personalized diets in women at risk of developing breast cancer.
SponsorAcknowledgments: The publication of this article was funded by the Qatar National Library.
SubjectBreast cancer
Preventive medicine
TitleNutrigenomics and breast cancer: State-of-art, future perspectives and insights for prevention
TypeArticle Review
Issue Number2
Volume Number12

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