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AuthorKirat, Mohamed
Available date2017-06-19T07:19:26Z
Publication Date2015-11
Publication NamePublic Relations Reviewen_US
CitationMohamed Kirat, Corporate social responsibility in the oil and gas industry in Qatar perceptions and practices, Public Relations Review, Volume 41, Issue 4, 2015, Pages 438-446
AbstractIn the last few years, the state of Qatar paid a great attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to face a score of challenges namely sustainable development, globalization, governance, corporate sector impact, communications, finance, ethics among others. Through in depth interviews and the analysis of companies’ websites and annual CSR reports, this study looked at the perceptions and practices of CSR in Qatar. Findings of the study suggest that Qatar oil and gas companies engage in corporate social responsibility activities focusing on health, sports, education and environment, while neglecting other important areas such as human rights, labor rights, work conditions, anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures. They perform no research and assessments before or after they engage in CSR activities. CSR should be enforced by law, and implemented according to international standards in order to improve its performance and to meet local and international challenges. With barely a decade of practice and experience, CSR in Qatar oil and gas industry is developing fast and has to move to the next step where the focus should be given to developing policies and strategies, and through institutionalizing it.
SubjectCorporate social responsibility
SubjectPerceptions and practices
SubjectEnvironment and society
SubjectSustainable development
SubjectCommunity involvement
SubjectCorporate citizenship
TitleCorporate social responsibility in the oil and gas industry in Qatar perceptions and practices
Issue Number4
Volume Number41
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