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AuthorTurki, D.
AuthorGhouri, Zafar Khan
AuthorAl-Meer, Saeed
AuthorElsaid, Khaled
AuthorAhmad, M.I.
AuthorEasa, Ahmed
AuthorEllouze, M.
AuthorHlil, E.K.
Available date2017-10-03T07:38:45Z
Publication Date2017-09-30
Publication NameJournal of Magneticsen_US
CitationD. Turki , Zafar Khan Ghouri, Saeed Al-Meer, Khaled Elsaid , M. I. Ahmad , Ahmed Easa , M. Ellouze , E. K. Hlil "Synthesis and Physicochemical Studies of Perovskite Manganite La0.8Ca0.2Nn1−xCoxO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.3)" Journal of Magnetics, Volume 22, Number 3, 30 Sep 2017, Pages 353-359
AbstractThe physicochemical properties of La0.8Ca0.2Mn1−xCoxO3 nanopowders as a function of Co content (x) have been investigated. La0.8Ca0.2Mn1−xCoxO3 nanopowders were synthesized by sol-gel method and morphologically and structurally well characterized by Scanning electron microscopic (SEM), Infrared spectroscopic (IR) and Raman spectroscopic techniques. IR spectra shows peak at around 600 cm−1 attributed to the stretching mode of MnO6 octahedral and peak at 700 cm−1 assigned to La-Ca-O-Mn bending vibrations. Raman spectra indicate peaks at around 512 and 652 cm−1 related to the Jahn-Teller octahedral distortions. The intensity of these peaks increases with increasing Co doping. The UV-visible spectra were measured in the frequency range of 200-800 nm and two energy gaps were found at 1.63 eV and 3.294 eV for x = 0, 0.1 and 0.3.
SponsorThis work has been supported by the Tunisian Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology and Institute Neel at Grenoble.
PublisherThe Korean Magnetics Society
SubjectScaning electron microscopy (SEM)
SubjectRaman spectroscopy
SubjectIR spectroscopy
SubjectUV-visible measurement
TitleSynthesis and Physicochemical Studies of Perovskite Manganite La0.8Ca0.2Nn1−xCoxO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.3)
Issue Number3
Volume Number22

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