QSpace is an Open Access digital repository and the records are accessible by any person in the world.

Current students, faculty, and researchers of the QU community are permitted to submit original work to QSpace once they have been granted authorization from QSpace administrators/developers. Please refer to Submission Policies for further information.

You will need to have a QU ID to deposit in QSpace. Our User Guide gives detailed information about how to submit work.

  • Retain and maintain work submitted to QSpace
  • Provide access to and distribute QSpace work accordingly
  • Preserve work using accepted preservation techniques
  • Notify communities of significant changes to work, e.g., format migration
  • Contribute and verify metadata for work submissions

QSpace accepts all manner of digital content. Here are some examples:

  • Documents, such as articles, preprints, working papers, technical reports, or conference papers
  • Theses
  • Data sets
  • Visualizations, simulations, and other models
  • Multimedia publications
  • Books
  • Bibliographic datasets
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Learning objects
  • Web pages

PPlease email the QSpace administrators/developers if you need to withdraw or replace a file. See our Preservation Policy for further information regarding takedown.

The following are the preferred file formats for QSpace:

File Type Name Description Extension
Document PDF/A , ODT Adobe Portable Document (long term preservation compliant) , Open Document Text pdf, odt
Spreadsheet ODS Open Document Spreadsheet ods
Database ODB Open Document Database odb
Image JPEG , TIFF Joint Photographic Experts Group , Tagged Image File Format jpg, jpeg ,tiff, tif
Audio WAV , AIFF Broadcast Wave Format , Audio Interchange File Format wav, aiff, aif
Video MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group mpe, mpeg, mpg
Text/Plain TXT TXT Plain text txt, asc
Text/HTML HTML HyperText Markup Language html, htm
Application/XML XML Extensible Markup Language xml

For further information regarding file formats, please see our Content Policy page.

Follow this link if you would like to see a full list of formats supported by the application.

Please contact QSpace administrators/developers if you need assistance with file format migration.

Yes, you retain the copyright of your work. To deposit your work in QSpace, you are required to agree to a deposit license that permits QSpace to distribute your work.

QU has the right to:

  • Redistribute and amend metadata for items in QSpace
  • Refuse or de-accession items or Collections
  • Perform appraisal for long-term archiving when Communities cease to exist
  • Move Collections to reflect current understanding between QSpace and Communities
  • Migrate items if format is in danger of obsolescence or to appease preferred format policy

It is the responsibility of the contributor to understand the copyright of works submitted. If you have published a work, you will need to confirm with the publisher permissions about submitting the work to QSpace. Please refer to our policies for Intellectual Property and Copyright or contact QSpace Admin for further information and assistance.

Yes. QSpace does not and will not restrict any future publications of your work.

QSpace is an Open Access repository; however, when submitting to QSpace, you have the option to restrict access by placing a temporary embargo on your work. We strongly encourage allowing your work to be Open Access. Please refer to our Open Access policy page for further information.