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    Threshold Modelling Of Ship's Dynamics
    Alternative Title: النمذجة العتبية لديناميكية السفينة
    Thanoon, B. Y. [باسل يوتس ذنون]1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Throughput-Delay Performance Analysis Of Ssma Packet Radio Network  El Jaafreh, Yousef G.2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    The Tidal Range And The Observed Sea Level Variations At Alexandria Harbour
    Alternative Title: مدى المد والجزر و التغيرات الناشئة في مستوى سطح البحر لمنطقة الأسكندرية
    Moursy, Zeinab1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Tight Junction Proteins and Signaling Pathways in Cancer and Inflammation: A Functional Crosstalk.  Bhat, Ajaz A; Uppada, Srijayaprakash; Achkar, Iman W; Hashem, Sheema; Yadav, Santosh K; Shanmugakonar, Muralitharan; Al-Naemi, Hamda A; Haris, Mohammad; Uddin, Shahab2019Frontiers MediaArticle
    Time And Order Of Appearance Of Ossification Centres Of The Rat Skeleton
    Alternative Title: زمن ونظام ظهور مراكز التعظم في هيكل الفأر
    Mohamed, M. B. H. [محمد بهجت حسين محمد]; El-Sayad, F. I.1985Qatar UniversityArticle
    Time Dependent Assessment of Morphological Changes: Leukodepleted Packed Red Blood Cells Stored in SAGM  Mustafa, Ibrahim; Al Marwani, Asma; Nasr, Khuloud Mamdouh; Kano, Noora Abdulla; Hadwan, Tameem2016HindawiArticle
    Time frequency signal analysis and processing toolbox update 6.2: An enhanced research platform with new advanced high-resolution TFDs  Boashash, B.; Mubeen, G.2013IEEEConference Paper
    Time to entry of generic medicines in Malaysia: implications for pharmaceutical cost containment  Fatokun, O.; Ibrahim, M. I. M.; Hassali, M. A. A.2013John Wiley & Sons, LtdArticle
    Time-frequency approach to radar detection, imaging, and classification  Thayaparan, T; Stankovic, L; Amin, M; Cohen, L; Boashash, B2010Institution of Engineering and TechnologyArticle
    Time-Frequency Characterization of Tri-Axial Accelerometer Data for Fetal Movement Detection  Khlif, M.S.; Boashash, B; Layeghy, S; Ben-Jabeur, T; Mesbah, M; East, C; Colditz, P2011IEEEConference Paper
    Time-Frequency Distributions Based on Compact Support Kernels: Properties and Performance Evaluation  Abed, M; Belouchrani, A; Cheriet, M; Boashash, B2012IEEEArticle
    Time-frequency signal and image processing of non-stationary signals with application to the classification of newborn EEG abnormalities  Boashash, Boualem; Boubchir, Larbi; Azemi, Ghasem2011IEEEConference Paper
    Time-motion analysis of elite male kickboxing competition  Ouergui, Ibrahim; Hssin, Nizar; Haddad, Monoem; Franchini, Emerson; Behm, David G.; Wong, Del P.; Gmada, Nabil; Bouhlel, Ezzedine2014NSCA National Strength and Conditioning AssociationArticle
    Time-Optimal Control Of High-Speed Flexible-Robot Arm Using PD Algorithms  Fanni, Mohamed; Abdel-Rahman, Tarek; Al-Salem, Nabeel2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    A time-varying copula approach for modelling dependency: New evidence from commodity and stock markets  Charfeddine, Lanouar; Benlagha, Noureddine2016ElsevierArticle
    A time–frequency based approach for generalized phase synchrony assessment in nonstationary multivariate signals  Omidvarnia, A; Azemi, G; Colditz, P.B; Boashash, B2013ElsevierArticle
    TiO2 nanotube coating on stainless steel 304 for biomedical applications  Zalnezhad, E.; Hamouda, A.M.S.; Faraji, G.; Shamshirband, S.2015Elsevier Ltd.Article
    TiO2 nanotubes and mesoporous silica as containers in self-healing epoxy coatings  Vijayan P., Poornima; Al-Maadeed, Mariam Ali S.A.2016Nature Publishing GroupArticle
    TiO2 nanotubes with ultrathin walls for enhanced water splitting  Mohamed, Ahmad M.; Aljaber, Amina S.; AlQaradawi, Siham Y.; Allam, Nageh K.2015Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
    TLP bonding of Ti-6Al-4V and Mg-AZ31 alloys using pure Ni electro-deposited coats  Atieh, Anas M.; Khan, Tahir I.2014Elsevier B.V.Article