Characteristics of agent-based hierarchical diff-EDF schedulability over heterogeneous real-time Packet networks

Show simple item record Saleh, Moutaz en_US Othman, Z.A. en_US Saleh, Mohammed en_US
date.accessioned 2009-12-23T14:01:35Z en_US
date.available 2009-12-23T14:01:35Z en_US
date.issued 2009-02 en_US
identifier.citation Saleh, Moutaz; Othman, Zulaiha Ali; Saleh, Mohammed, "Characteristics of Agent-Based Hierarchical Diff-EDF Schedulability Over Heterogeneous Real-Time Packet Networks", European Journal of Scientific Research; Feb 2009, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p431-453 en_US
identifier.issn 1450-216X en_US
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description.abstract Packet networks are currently enabling the integration of heterogeneous traffic with a wide range of characteristics that extend from video traffic with stringent QoS requirements to best-effort traffic requiring no guarantees. QoS guarantees can be provided in packet networks by the use of proper packet scheduling algorithms. In this paper, we propose a new priority assignment scheduling algorithm, Hierarchical Diff-EDF, which can meet the real-time needs while continuing to provide best effort service over heterogeneous network traffic environment. The Hierarchical Diff-EDF service meets the flow miss rate requirements through the combination of single step hierarchal scheduling for the different network flows and the admission control mechanism that detects the overload conditions to adjust packets' priorities. To examine the proposed scheduler, we introduced an attempt to provide an exact analytical solution. The attempt showed that the solution was apparently very complicated due to the high interdependences between the system queues' service. Hence, the use of simulation seems inevitable. A multi-agent simulation that takes the inspiration from object-oriented programming is adopted. The simulation itself is aimed to the construction of a set of elements which, when fully elaborated, define an agent system specification. When evaluating our proposed scheduler, it was extremely obvious that the Hierarchical Diff-EDF scheduler performs over both of the EDF and Diff-EDF schedulers. en_US
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publisher EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. en_US
subject Agent-based simulation en_US
subject Analytical model en_US
subject EDF en_US
subject Hierarchical en_US
subject Packet networks en_US
subject QoS en_US
subject Real time en_US
subject Schedulability en_US
title Characteristics of agent-based hierarchical diff-EDF schedulability over heterogeneous real-time Packet networks en_US
type Article en_US

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