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Author Hasan, Ali T.en_US
Author Ismail, N.en_US
Author Hamouda, A.M.S.en_US
Author Arisc, Ishaken_US
Author Marhaban, M.H.en_US
Author Al-Assadi, H.M.A.A.en_US
Available date 2009-12-24T07:21:47Zen_US
Publication Date 2009-06-28en_US
Publication Name Advances in Engineering Software
Citation Ali T. Hasan, N. Ismail, A.M.S. Hamouda, Ishak Aris, M.H. Marhaban, H.M.A.A. Al-Assadi, Artificial neural network-based kinematics Jacobian solution for serial manipulator passing through singular configurations, Advances in Engineering Software, Volume 41, Issue 2, February 2010, Pages 359-367en_US
Abstract Singularities and uncertainties in arm configurations are the main problems in kinematics robot control resulting from applying robot model, a solution based on using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is proposed here. The main idea of this approach is the use of an ANN to learn the robot system characteristics rather than having to specify an explicit robot system model. Despite the fact that this is very difficult in practice, training data were recorded experimentally from sensors fixed on each joint for a six Degrees of Freedom (DOF) industrial robot. The network was designed to have one hidden layer, where the input were the Cartesian positions along the X, Y and Z coordinates, the orientation according to the RPY representation and the linear velocity of the end-effector while the output were the angular position and velocities for each joint, In a free-of-obstacles workspace, off-line smooth geometric paths in the joint space of the manipulator are obtained. The resulting network was tested for a new set of data that has never been introduced to the network before these data were recorded in the singular configurations, in order to show the generality and efficiency of the proposed approach, and then testing results were verified experimentally.en_US
Language enen_US
Publisher Elsevier Ltden_US
Subject Neural networksen_US
Subject Inverse kinematicsen_US
Subject Jacobian matrixen_US
Subject Singularitiesen_US
Subject Back propagationen_US
Subject Robot controlen_US
Title Artificial neural network-based kinematics Jacobian solution for serial manipulator passing through singular configurationsen_US
Type Articleen_US

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