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AuthorBen-Brahim, L.
AuthorBenammar, M.
AuthorAlhamadi, M.A.
Available date2009-12-27T10:25:59Z
Publication Date2009
Publication NameIEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
CitationBen-Brahim, L.; Benammar, M.; Alhamadi, M.A., "A Resolver Angle Estimator Based on Its Excitation Signal," Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on , vol.56, no.2, pp.574,580, Feb. 2009
AbstractA resolver generates a pair of signals proportional to the sine and cosine of the angular position of its shaft. A new low-cost method for converting the amplitudes of these sine/cosine transducer signals into a measure of the input angle without using lookup tables is proposed. The new method takes advantage of the components used to operate the resolver, the excitation (carrier) signal in particular. This is a feedforward method based on comparing the amplitudes of the resolver signals to those of the excitation signal together with another shifted by π. A simple method is then used to estimate the shaft angle through this comparison technique. The poor precision of comparison of the signals around their highly nonlinear peak regions is avoided by using a simple technique that relies only on the alternating pseudolinear segments of the signals. This results in a better overall accuracy of the converter. Beside simplicity of implementation, the proposed scheme offers the advantage of robustness to amplitude fluctuation of the transducer excitation signal. © 2009 IEEE.
SubjectLookup table (LUT)
SubjectPosition sensors
SubjectResolver converter
TitleA Resolver Angle Estimator Based on Its Excitation Signal

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