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Author Abbas, M.en_US
Author Khan, Safeer Hussainen_US
Author Rhoades, B.E.en_US
Available date 2009-12-28T08:36:48Zen_US
Publication Date 2008-08-19en_US
Publication Name Applied Mathematics and Computation
Citation Abbas, M., Khan, S. H., & Rhoades, B. E. (2008). Simpler is also better in approximating fixed points. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 205(1), 428–431en_US
Abstract In this paper we demonstrate that a number of fixed point iteration problems can be solved using a modified Krasnoselskij iteration process, which is much simpler to use than the other iteration schemes that have been defineden_US
Language enen_US
Publisher Elsevieren_US
Subject Asymptotically nonexpansiveen_US
Subject Fixed pointsen_US
Subject Krasnoselskijen_US
Title Simpler is also better in approximating fixed pointsen_US
Type Articleen_US

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