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Author El-Hawary, M.E.en_US
Author Soliman, S.A.en_US
Author Temraz, H.K.en_US
Available date 2009-12-28T14:51:37Zen_US
Publication Date 2001en_US
Publication Name Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting 2001
Citation El-Hawary, M.E.; Soliman, S.A.; Temraz, H., "Fuzzy time domain and Z-transform modeling for harmonic electric loads," Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting, 2001. IEEE , vol.2, no., pp.1229-1236 vol.2, 2001en_US
ISBN 0-7803-7173-9en_US
ISSN 0377-9211en_US
Abstract This paper demonstrates the application of fuzzy systems and Z-transform for electric load modeling in the presence and/or absence of harmonics. The problem is formulated as one of linear optimization, where the objective is to minimize the spread of the model parameters. A triangular membership function is chosen for each load parameter. Having identified the fuzzy load parameters, the fuzzy admittance of the load is formulated in the frequency domain. The proposed algorithm is tested using simulated and actual recorded data for nonlinear loads having different characteristics. The results obtained are reported in the paperen_US
Language enen_US
Publisher IEEEen_US
Subject Fuzzy regressionen_US
Subject Load modelingen_US
Subject Nonlinear loadsen_US
Subject Z-transformen_US
Title Fuzzy time domain and Z-transform for modeling of harmonic electric loadsen_US
Type Conference Paperen_US

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