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AuthorQidwai, Uvais
Available date2009-12-29T05:41:33Z
Publication Date2008-06-24
Publication NameIEEE Transactions on Image Processing
CitationQidwai, U., "Infrared Image Enhancement using H{infinity} Bounds for Surveillance Applications," Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on , vol.17, no.8, pp.1274-1282, Aug. 2008
AbstractIn this paper, two algorithms have been presented to enhance the infrared (IR) images. Using the autoregressive moving average model structure and Hinfin optimal bounds, the image pixels are mapped from the IR pixel space into normal optical image space, thus enhancing the IR image for improved visual quality. Although Hinfin-based system identification algorithms are very common now, they are not quite suitable for real-time applications owing to their complexity. However, many variants of such algorithms are possible that can overcome this constraint. Two such algorithms have been developed and implemented in this paper. Theoretical and algorithmic results show remarkable enhancement in the acquired images. This will help in enhancing the visual quality of IR images for surveillance applications.
Subjectimage enhancement
Subjectimage modeling
Subjectinfrared (IR) image
TitleInfrared Image Enhancement using H{infinity} Bounds for Surveillance Applications

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