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AuthorHamdi, Mohamed Salah
Available date2009-12-30T06:15:35Z
Publication Date2006-01-30
Publication NameIEEE Intelligent Systems
CitationHamdi, M.S., "MASACAD: a multiagent based approach to information customization," Intelligent Systems, IEEE , vol.21, no.1, pp.60-67, Jan.-Feb. 2006
AbstractMASACAD is a multiagent information customization system that adopts the machine-learning paradigm to advise students by mining the Web. In the distributed problem-solving paradigm, systems can distribute among themselves the processes necessary to accomplish a given task. Given the number of problems that distributed processing can address, AI researchers have directed significant effort toward developing specialized problem-solving systems that can interact in their search for a solution. The multiagent-system paradigm embodies this approach.
SubjectWeb mining
Subjectacademic advising
Subjectexpert systems
Subjectinformation customization
Subjectneural networks
TitleMASACAD: a multiagent based approach to information customization

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