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AuthorHamad, Ahmad
AuthorAbdul-Karim, Mohammed
Available date2010-01-07T06:25:27Z
Publication Date2004-09-16
Publication NameDesalination
CitationAhmad Hamad, Mohammed Abdul-Karim, Desalination using ambient air: simulation and energy optimization, Desalination, Volume 175, Issue 3, 30 May 2005, Pages 247-257
AbstractThis work applies to process design, simulation, analysis, and optimization to minimize the energy requirements for producing desalinated water using ambient air (humidification and dehumidification process). The only operating cost is for the use of air blower to supply air flowrate of 65–70 kmol/h. The production rate is 1 gpm of desalinated water per 2.25 gpm of saline water. By using process simulation and applying energy optimization concepts, the process parameters were manipulated and analyzed so that the feed saline water to the column is used to cool the exit air stream. The proposed approach reduced the solar energy requirement by 65%, and the cooling energy is eliminated. A case study is pursued to show the effectiveness of using process simulation and energy optimization concepts.
PublisherElsevier B.V.
SubjectEnergy minimization
TitleDesalination using ambient air: simulation and energy optimization

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