Integrating hybrid systems with existing thermal desalinationplants

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Author Almulla, Asam Almulla en_US
Author Hamad, Ahmad en_US
Author Gadalla, Mohamed en_US
Available date 2010-01-07T10:11:45Z en_US
Publication Date 2004-08-12 en_US
Publication Name Desalination
Citation Asam Almulla, Ahmad Hamad, Mohamed Gadalla, Integrating hybrid systems with existing thermal desalinationplants, Desalination, Volume 174, Issue 2, 10 April 2005, Pages 171-192 en_US
Abstract In Gulf countries, most power plants are co-generation power desalting plants (CPDP) that generate electric energy and also produce fresh water through the desalination of seawater. This paper provides detailed technical and economical analyses to evaluate a new generation of dual purpose technology that includes the integration of reverse osmosis (RO) processes with existing thermal desalination processes and power generation (triple hybrid system) at Layyah plant, Sharjah, UAE. Hybridization of sweater reverse osmosis (SWRO) and the multi-stage flash (MSF) technology was considered to improve the performance of latter and reduce the cost of the produced water. Moreover, “idle” power in winter (seasonal surplus of unused power) was mainly utilized by RO to further reduce the cost of the hybrid system for six months of the year. Spinning reserve was also used to further reduce the cost of the proposed hybrid system. Integration ofthe three processes of MSF, MED, and RO desalination technologies could be made at different levels through which the resulting of water cost will depend on the selected configuration and the cost of materials of construction, equipment, membrane, energy, etc. Thus, the capital and annual operating costs were calculated for all potential alternatives for various plant capacities. It was found that for all plant capacities, integrated hybrid systems resulted in most cost effective solution. For example, at a capacity of 50 MIGD, the present worth of the cost was calculated to be 588.7, 443.2, and 380 million US$ for MSF, MED, and hybrid RO systems, respectively. en_US
Language en en_US
Publisher Elsevier B.V. en_US
Subject Hybridization en_US
Subject Desalination technologies en_US
Subject Integration en_US
Subject Hybrid RO/MSF/MED en_US
Subject Techno-economic evaluation en_US
Title Integrating hybrid systems with existing thermal desalinationplants en_US
Type Article en_US

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