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Author Boashash, Boualemen_US
Author Barklem, Pen_US
Author Keir, Men_US
Available date 2011-05-25T20:04:36Zen_US
Available date 2015-02-01T08:24:09Z
Publication Date 1999-03en_US
Publication Name Proceedings of Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP '99
Citation Proceedings of Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP '99,n page(s): 2351 - 2354 vol.4en_US
ISBN 0-7803-5041-3en_US
Description This is one of the earlier papers on the subject of newborn EEG seizure detection. For newborn EEG signals, the main author developed a software package that calculates IF estimates and TFDs; and it can be downloaded from the web site: www.time-frequency.neten_US
Abstract This paper considers a system design for processing a multidimensional biomedical signal formed by EEG, ECG, EOG and motion recorded from a newborn, for the purpose of detection of epileptic seizures in newborns as an extension of the method reported in Boashash et al. (1997) and Roessgen et al. (1998). We describe the proposed design, and discuss how the signals will be analysed and fused to detect the occurrence of seizure. We also discuss the role of modelling in refining the signal processing unit.en_US
Language enen_US
Publisher IEEEen_US
Subject ECGen_US
Subject EEGen_US
Subject EOGen_US
Subject electro-oculogram signalsen_US
Subject epileptic seizuresen_US
Subject motionen_US
Subject multidimensional biomedical signalen_US
Subject newbornsen_US
Subject seizure signalsen_US
Subject Signal processingen_US
Subject data fusionen_US
Subject epilepsyen_US
Subject transientsen_US
Subject Signal detectionen_US
Subject preprocessingen_US
Subject EEG modelingen_US
Title Detection of seizure signals in newbornsen_US
Type Conference Paperen_US

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