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Author Sucic, Ven_US
Author Saulig, Nicolettaen_US
Author Boashash, Ben_US
Available date 2012-03-11T18:58:38Zen_US
Publication Date 2011en_US
Publication Name EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Citation Sucic et al.: Estimating the number of components of a multicomponent nonstationary signal using the short-term timefrequency Rényi entropy. EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:125.en_US
Description This article proposes a method for estimating the local number of signals components using the short term Rényi entropy of signals in the time-frequency plane. (Additional details can be found in the comprehensive book on Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing (see In addition, the most recent upgrade of the original software package that calculates Time-Frequency Distributions and Instantaneous Frequency estimators can be downloaded from the web site: This was the first software developed in the field, and it was first released publicly in 1987 at the 1st ISSPA conference held in Brisbane, Australia, and then continuously updated).en_US
Abstract The time-frequency Rényi entropy provides a measure of complexity of a nonstationary multicomponent signal in the time-frequency plane. When the complexity of a signal corresponds to the number of its components, then this information is measured as the Rényi entropy of the time-frequency distribution (TFD) of the signal. This article presents a solution to the problem of detecting the number of components that are present in short-time interval of the signal TFD, using the short-term Rényi entropy. The method is automatic and it does not require a prior information about the signal. The algorithm is applied on both synthetic and real data, using a quadratic separable kernel TFD. The results confirm that the short-term Rényi entropy can be an effective tool for estimating the local number of components present in the signal. The key aspect of selecting a suitable TFD is also discussed.en_US
Language enen_US
Publisher Springeren_US
Subject Time-Frequency Renyi entropyen_US
Subject TFREen_US
Subject TFDen_US
Subject time-frequency distributionsen_US
Subject time-frequency signal processingen_US
Subject multicomponent estimationen_US
Subject non-stationary signalsen_US
Subject MBDen_US
Subject modified B Distributionen_US
Subject EMDen_US
Subject empirical mode decompositionen_US
Subject time-frequency measuresen_US
Subject time-frequency signal analysisen_US
Subject time-frequency featuresen_US
Subject complexity measureen_US
Subject IF estimationen_US
Subject instantaneous frequencyen_US
Subject Separable kernelen_US
Subject (t,f) planeen_US
Subject SPWVDen_US
Subject Gabor logonen_US
Title Estimating the number of components of a multicomponent nonstationary signal using the short-term time-frequency Rényi entropyen_US
Type Articleen_US

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