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    Urban Form and Sense of Community: Exploring Catalysts for Community Sustainability within Al-Wakrah Neighborhood in Qatar  Alfaraidy, Maryam; Raffaello, Furlan2017Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Gut microbial communities modulating brain development and function  Al-Asmakh, M; Anuar, F; Zadjali, F; Rafter, J; Pettersson, Sven2012Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Mendelian inheritance of trimodal CpG methylation sites suggests distal cis-acting genetic effects.  Zaghlool, Shaza B; Al-Shafai, Mashael; Al Muftah, Wadha A; Kumar, Pankaj; Gieger, Christian; Waldenberger, Melanie; Falchi, Mario; Suhre, Karsten2016BioMed CentralArticle
    Stage of change toward “9-a-day” not “5-a-day” is associated with lower body weight  Bawadi, Hiba; Tayyem, Reema; Muhanna, Safaa; Tuuri, Georgianna; Keenan, Michael J.; Faris, Moez; Losso, Jack2017Emerald PublishingArticle
    Sense of Community in Al-Wakrah City: Strategies for the Development of Sustainable Communities in Qatar  Alfaraidy, Maryam; Furlan, Raffaello2017Scholars Middle East PublishersArticle
    Human c-MYBPC3 RNA Targeted Therapy, Reversal of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in the Zebrafish Model  Yalcin, Huseyin; Da'As, Sahar; Mohammed, Iman; Nasrallah, Gheyath; Al Suwaidi, Jasim; Yacoub, Magdi2016Qscience.Conference Paper
    Strategies for the Enhancement of Users’ Social Interactions in Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street in Doha, State of Qatar  Al Saeed, Mahmoud H.; Furlan, Raffaello2017Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    The impact of knowledge management on customer relationship management: A case from the fast food industry in Jordan  Mahawrah, Fadi; Shehabat, Issa; Abu-Shanab, Emad2016Inderscience Ltd.Article
    Exploring the factors influencing employees' satisfaction toward e-tax systems  Hammouri, Qais; Abu-Shanab, Emad2017Inderscience Ltd.Article
    Voter's intention to use electronic voting systems  Anagreh, Laila F.; Abu-Shanab, Emad A.2017IGI GlobalArticle
    Qatar University: Built Form, Culture and Livability  Rajan, Shiney Rachel; Al Nuaimi, Abdulla; Furlan, Raffaello2016Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Urban Design and Livability: The Regeneration of the Corniche in Doha  Furlan, Raffaello2016Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Combine iron Chelation therapy ameliorates decline of iron on iron loaded Zebrafish embryo  Ibrahim, Mustafa; Younes, Nadin Nagy; Baji, Missbah Hanif; Shraim, Amjad Mahmoud Ahmad; Nasrellah, Gheyath2017Conference Proceedings
    General practitioner use of a C-reactive protein point-of-care test to help target antibiotic prescribing in patients with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (the PACE study): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.  Bates, Janine; Francis, Nick A; White, Patrick; Gillespie, David; Thomas-Jones, Emma; Breen, Rachel; Kirby, Nigel; Hood, Kerry; Gal, Micaela; Phillips, Rhiannon; Naik, Gurudutt; Cals, Jochen; Llor, Carl; Melbye, Hasse; Wootton, Mandy; Riga, Evgenia; Cochrane, Ann; Howe, Robin; Fitzsimmons, Deborah; Sewell, Bernadette; Alam, Mohammed Fasihul; Butler, Christopher C2017BioMed CentralArticle
    E-government contribution to better performance by public sector  Abu-Shanab, Emad Ahmed2017IGI GlobalArticle
    Factors influencing G-SMS adoption by Jordanian citizens  Abu-Shanab, Emad A.; Shihadeh, Shurouq A.2017IEEEConference Paper
    Utilizing Cloud Computing in public sector cases from the world  Abu-Shanab, Emad; Estatiya, Fatima2017IEEEConference Paper
    The Souq Waqif Heritage Site in Doha: Spatial Form and Livability  Furlan, Raffaello; Faggion, Laura2015Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Built Form of the Souq Waqif in Doha and User’s Social Engagement  Nafi’, Sara Ibrahim; Alattar, Deema Anwar; Furlan, Raffaello2015Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Neighborhoods and Social Interactions: The Case of Al-Najada Area in Doha  Eissa, Bassma; Awwad, Rana; Awwaad, Reem; Furlan, Raffaello2015Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle