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Loading Rates of Dust and Metals in Residential Houses of Arid and Dry Climatic Regions  Shraim, Amjad M.; Alenazi, Duna A.; Abdel-Salam, Abdel-Salam G.; Kumar, Prashant2016Taiwan Association for Aerosol ResearchArticle
Mechanism and kinetics of electrochemical degradation of uric acid using conductive-diamond anodes  Dbira, Sondos; Bensalah, Nasr; Bedoui, Ahmed2016Taylor & FrancisArticle
Aldehyde dehydrogenase expression in Metaphire posthuma as a bioindicator to monitor heavy metal pollution in soil  Panday, Raju; Bhatt, Padam Shekhar; Bhattarai, Tribikram; Shakya, Kumudini; Sreerama, Lakshmaiah2016BioMed CentralArticle
Crystal structure of (E)-2-{[(6-meth­oxy-1,3-benzo­thia­zol-2-yl)imino]­meth­yl}phenol  Hijji, Yousef; Barare, Belygona; Wairia, Gilbert; Butcher, Ray J.; Wikaira, Jan2015International Union of CrystallographyArticle
A Highly Selective Sensor for Cyanide in Organic Media and on Solid Surfaces  Barare, Belygona; Babahan, Ilknur; Hijji, Yousef M.; Bonyi, Enock; Tadesse, Solomon; Aslan, Kadir2016MDPI AGArticle
Biomonitoring of Toxic Effects of Pesticides in Occupationally Exposed Individuals  Arshad, Muhammad; Siddiqa, Maryam; Rashid, Saddaf; Hashmi, Imran; Awan, Muhammad Ali; Ali, Muhammad Arif2016ElsevierArticle
Synthesis, immunomodulation and cytotoxic effects of vanadium (IV) complexes  Ashiq, Uzma; Jamal, Rifat Ara; Mesaik, Mohammad Ahmed; Mahroof-Tahir, Muhammad; Shahid, Saba; Khan, Khalid Mohammed2014Bentham Science Publishers B.V.Article
Mishandling and exposure of farm workers in Qatar to organophosphate pesticides  Shomar, Basem; Al-Saad, Khalid; Nriagu, Jerome2014Elsevier Inc.Article
Self-assembled zirconia nanotube arrays: Fabrication mechanism, energy consideration and optical activity  Amer, Ahmad W.; Mohamed, Seifallah M.; Hafez, Ahmed M.; Alqaradawi, Siham Y.; Aljaber, Amina S.; Allam, Nageh K.2014Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
Properties of a three-dimensionally ordered macro-mesoporous carbon-doped TiO2 composite catalyst  Sui, Wubin; Zheng, Jingtang; Pittman Jr., Charles U.; Bensalah, Nasr; Wu, Mingbo; Zhao, Yucui2013World Scientific PublishingArticle
Biophysical studies of the effect of high power ultrasound on the DNA solution  Ali, Mohamed H.M.; Al-Saad, Khalid A.; Ali, Carmen M.2014Elsevier B.V.Article
(E)-2-{[(Furan-2-ylmethyl)imino]methyl}-4-nitrophenol  Hijji, Yousef; Azemati, Samira; Butcher, Ray J.; Jasinski, Jerry P.2014International Union of CrystallographyArticle
Adsorption of textile dye onto modified immobilized activated alumina  Wasti, A.; Ali, Awan M.2016Elsevier Science B.V.Article
The solvatochromic, spectral, and geometrical properties of nifenazone: A DFT/TD-DFT and experimental study  Bani-Yaseen, Abdulilah Dawoud; Al-Balawi, Mona2014Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
Kinetic investigations into the synthesis of disulphides via tetrathiomolybdate as a sulphur-transfer reagent  Sidiq, N.; Bhat, M.A.; Khan, K.Z.; Khuroo, M.A.2014Kluwer Academic PublishersArticle
Spectral, thermal, and molecular modeling studies on the encapsulation of selected sulfonamide drugs in ?-cyclodextrin nano-cavity  Bani-Yaseen, A.D.; Mo'Ala, A.2014ElsevierArticle
Dynamic Cross-Linking of Polymeric Binders Based on Host-Guest Interactions for Silicon Anodes in Lithium Ion Batteries  Kwon, T.W.; Jeong, Y.K.; Deniz, E.; Alqaradawi, S.Y.; Choi, J.W.; Coskun, A.2015American Chemical SocietyArticle
Studies on chemistry, spectroscopy and antioxidant activities of chromium(III)-hydrazide complexes  Shamshad, B.; Jamal, R.A.; Ashiqa, U.; Mahrooof-Tahirb, M.; Shaikha, Z.; Sultana, S.; Khanc, K.M.2015Bentham Science Publishers B.V.Article
Inhibiting corrosion of n-GaAs by cetylpyridinium chloride for stabilised photoelectochemical cell  Khader, M.M.; Algaber, A.S.2010Maney PublishingArticle
A novel platinum complex of the histone deacetylase inhibitor belinostat: Rational design, development and in vitro cytotoxicity  Parker, James P.; Nimir, Hassan; Griffith, Darren M.; Duff, Brian; Chubb, Anthony J.; Brennan, Marian P.; Morgan, Maria P.; Egan, Denise A.; Marmion, Celine J.2013Elsevier Inc.Article

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