Comparative Study of Content Analysis of CNN, BBC And KTV 2 Newscasts

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Comparative Study of Content Analysis of CNN, BBC And KTV 2 Newscasts

Show simple item record Awadh, Muhammad [محمد عوض] en_US Al Jardi, Nabeel [نبيل عارف الجردي] en_US 2009-11-25T13:35:47Z 2009-11-25T13:35:47Z 2000 en_US
dc.identifier.citation Journal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2000, No. 23, Pages 135-183. en_US
dc.description.abstract Newscast is the basis upon which all information is established. News bulletins and newscasts constitute one of the most important elements of television transmission. It has been maintained that television is the most sought often medium known so far to present news. It transcends all other media, whether verbal, vocal or otherwise used independently. Furthermore, television helps people from various corners of the globe to get to Know each other instantaneously. Some international networks have gained reputation when they were singled out as trustworthy and informative networks. News bulletins constitute a major factor in television network success. News is presented on location, and it is covered either live or recorded. This assignment is a collective one, which could thrill and animate the audience who are seated comfortably indoors. However, it has been noted that newscasts in the third world as a whole do not meet favorable response with the audience as is the case in the developed world. The alienated attitude of the audience in the third world towards their - own newscasts may be attributed to at least two main failings: credibility and dependency on international networks. This is why many people have focused on receiving newscasts from international satellites. Statistics indicate that satellite dishes are on the increase in the Gulf countries, particularly during and after the war of liberating Kuwait, amounting to 96,000 dishes enabling them to receive CNN, BBC and StarPlus beamed to Asia. This paper is concerned with an analytical study of CNN, BBC networks which enjoy popularity among the people in Kuwait, together with a comparative analysis with programs extended by Kuwait television Channel 2. The ultimate goal of this paper is to pinpoint the factors whic may contribute to the positive development of Kuwait newscasts. en_US
dc.description.abstract تستهدف هذه الدراسة تحليل نشرات أخبار القناة الثانية في تلفزبون الكوفي ، وكذلد نشرات أخبار شبكتي CNN الأمريكية وBBCالإنجليزبة . الموجهة للدول الآسيوية عبر إحدى القنوات الخمس لتلفزيون النجم "STAR TV " بهدف وضع تصور لأبعادها وخصائصها في محاولة لتطويرشكل ومحتوى ما تقدمه القناة الثانية لتلفق يون . الكويت من أخبار، وتعد هذه الدراسة من الدراسات الوصفية المقارنة، والتي تستهدف تحديد خصائص النشرات الأخبارية التي تقدمها أشهر الشبكات العالمية ، والتي يستقبلها المشاهد في الكويت ، ومقارنتها بما تقدمه ألقناة التلفزبونية الثانية في ألكويت ، وتعتمد هذه الدراسة على منهج المسح الإعلامي بالعينة التحكمية لعينة من نشرات أخبار القناة التلفزبونية الثلاث : (CNN, BBC, K.T.V ) ، مع التركيز على النشرات التي تقدم في موعد واحد في القنوات الثلاث (الساعة الثامنة مساء) ، وتم تسجيل. ar
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Qatar University en_US
dc.subject Mass & Media en_US
dc.subject الصحافة والاعلام ar
dc.title Comparative Study of Content Analysis of CNN, BBC And KTV 2 Newscasts en_US
dc.title.alternative دراسة تحليلية : مقارنة لمضمون نشرات أخبار البرنامج الثاني لتلفزيون الكويت والشبكة الأمريكية CNN والتلفزيون البريطاني BBC ar
dc.type Article en_US
dc.identifier.pagination 135-183 en_US
dc.identifier.issue 23 en_US

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