Comparative Histopathological Studies On The Effects Of Ionizing X-Ray Irradiation On Normal Liver And Hepatoma

Show simple item record El Banhawy, M. A [محمود احمد البنهاوي] en_US Anwar, Ibrahim M. en_US
date.accessioned 2009-11-25T15:13:22Z en_US
date.available 2009-11-25T15:13:22Z en_US
date.issued 1984 en_US
identifier.citation Qatar University Science Bulletin, 1984, Vol. 4, Pages 117-124. en_US
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description.abstract Normal mice exposed to X-rays showed distinct external symptoms and died mostly on the 13th or 14th day after irradiation. Pathological symptoms were more exaggerated in mice diseased with hepatoma and subjected to the effects of irradiation. These animals did not survive beyond the 4th day following treatment. Histologically, the normal liver displays the characteristic pattern of lobulation and disposition of hepatic cells. The whole tissue is enveloped by a layer of squamous epithelium. The liver of X-ray irradiated mice shows cloudy swelling in its cells, which became lightly stained and the nuclei display distinct signs of karyolysis. Hepatic blood vessels are markedly enlarged, engorged with blood and their limiting membranes and deteriorated. Hepatoma has lost completely the characteristic pattern of the healthy liver. Cells are much smaller in size, being oval or spindle shaped and irregularly disposed with their nuclei obviously injured. Hepatoma treated with X-rays show prominent signs of deterioration. Most of the tissue has been occupied by prominent vacuoles of variable sizes. The inter-vacuolar tissue is formed of necrotic cells. en_US
description.abstract اتضح من البحث الحالي ان الخلايات الكبدية السرطانية تختلف اختلافا بينيا في شكلها وتركيبها عن خلايا الكبد السليمة . فهى في الحالة الأولى مرتبة بطريقة مميزة على هيئة فصيصات صغيرة يتوسط كل منها وعاء دموى تبطنه خلايا طلائية حرشفية ، ولا يشاهدثىء ي هذا الوعاء . فاذا تحول هذا الكبد الى الحالة السرطانية اختل هذا النظام وفقدت الخلايا نظامها وشكلها المميز واصبحت صغعرة الحجم جدا وتاحذ شكلا مغزليا غيرمالوف في الحالات العادية . وعند التعرض للأشعة السعينية تآ!اثر كل هن الكبد والخلايا السرطانية تاثرا بالغا ينعكس ي شكل الخلايا وحجمها رالأوعية الدموية الموجودة بها . ar
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publisher Qatar University en_US
subject Zoology en_US
subject علم الحيوان ar
title Comparative Histopathological Studies On The Effects Of Ionizing X-Ray Irradiation On Normal Liver And Hepatoma en_US
title.alternative دراسة مقارنة لتأثير الأشعة السينية على الخلايا الكبدية السليمة والسرطانية ar
type Article en_US
identifier.pagination 117-124 en_US
identifier.volume 4 en_US

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